ifMUD is a MUD associated with the newsgroup accessible via telnet or a MUD client. It is central to the interactive fiction community, frequented by many of the genre's best-known writers. Every year, the XYZZY Awards are hosted on ifMUD during an online ceremony.

ifMUD is written in the Perl computer programming language making use of an extensive hack of the earlier perlMUD, with many additional features.

MUD bots

Two major bots exist on ifMUD, Alex and Floyd.

Floyd acts as an interpreter for many different IF writing platforms. It was named after a fictional character from the Planetfall game by Infocom.

Alex, a "parrot" bot named after Alex Pepperberg, keeps track of memos on any topic, editable by anyone, similar to a wiki. It was written by Dan Shiovitz and was inspired by the Perl infobot Purl.

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*XYZZY Awards


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