Dash Parr

Dash Parr


caption=Close-up of Dash
publisher=Dark Horse Comics/Pixar Animation Studios
debut="The Incredibles"
creators=Brad Bird
Based on= quicksilver
character_name=Dash Incredible or The Dash
real_name=Dashiell Robert Parr
alliances=Incredible Family (genetic member), National Supers Agency (ties), Edna Mode (receives costumes and gadgets from her), Frozone (long-time friend), Mirage (ally)
aliases=The Fastest Kid on Earth, The Dash
relatives=Robert "Bob" Parr (Mr. Incredible, father), Helen Parr (Mrs. Incredible, mother), Violet Parr (older sister), Jack-Jack Parr (younger brother)
powers=superhuman speed and reflexes

Dashiell Robert "Dash" Parr (superhero name Dash Incredible or The Dash) is a child superhero in the Disney & Pixar motion picture "The Incredibles" who can run at super speeds, similar to Quicksilver in the "Marvel" universe, Sonic the Hedgehog in the "Sega" universe, and The Flash in the "DC Comics" universe. In keeping with the Fantastic Four parallel, Dash is a rough equivalent of Johnny Storm in his young cocky personality and the fact that he is the only one with a special movement super power.

"Dash has a lot of energy and a competitive spirit, so finding constructive ways to blow off steam proves nearly impossible. His frustration is soon released, however, when circumstances lead him to discover the true meaning of his name."- Official Pixar Website

The film

In the film, Dashiell (who stands at 4 ft. (1.22 m) tall and weighs 65 lbs (29 kg).) often gets into trouble and loves playing pranks on his least favorite teacher, Mr. Bernie Kropp. He thinks that since he has powers, he should use them, but his mother, Helen Parr/Elastigirl, disagrees. He wants to compete in spectator sports saying that because of his powers he's special, but she forbids it stating "everyone's special" (he remarks that that was just another way of saying no one is).

Dash's reckless nature and one-track mind always get him in trouble with his big sister, Violet, who is unconfident, moody, gloomy, and sarcastic. In fact, in one scene, he teases her about her crush on one of her classmates, Anthony "Tony" Rydinger, which eventually begets a fight that is not broken up until the family's long time friend, Lucius Best/Frozone, rings the doorbell.

After Dash's father, Bob/Mr. Incredible returns from the Island of Nomanisan (to trash a prototype of the Omnidroid 9000 battle robot), Dash and Bob are seen playing games, such as playing catch with a football. Their game of catch becomes more important later on.

However, when Bob is captured by Syndrome (who created the Omnidroid) when he returns to Nomanisan, Helen packs her bags to rescue him after a brief visit with superhero fashion designer Edna Mode. As she does, Dash takes Edna's suit meant for him and puts it on, naming himself The Dash. Dash and Violet (already in her own Super-Suit) stow away (against their mother's wishes) on the plane that Helen borrows from a friend. As a consequence, the three are nearly vaporized when Syndrome launches missiles on them and the underconfident Violet fails to create a force field big enough to shield them. Helen saves the children's lives by shaping herself into a parachute, but a piece of plane wreckage almost crushes them.

Helen then changes into a lifeboat with Dash serving as the outboard motor. When they get to shore, Helen praises him. When they camp out in a cave, she warns the children that the bad guys that the two will be facing differ from the ones on Saturday morning cartoons in that they are even more merciless, and for once, she allows Dash to run as fast as he can. Before she leaves to find Bob, Helen bolsters Vi's lagging confidence by telling her that she has more power than she realizes and that she just has to believe it

Dash hates it when Violet is in charge (because he generally hates authority). He goes of to explore the cave, but he and Violet exchange verbal disagreement. She is concerned that Dash thinks that they are on vacation, and lets him know otherwise ("Mom and Dad's lives could be in danger, or worse, "their marriage"."). Fortunately for the children, Dash explores the cave and discovers that the cave is actually a rocket exhaust tube, allowing them to just barely miss being burned alive while they escape—and see the rocket take off.

They spend the rest of the night in the jungle and huddle together to keep each other warm. When Dash wakes up the next morning, however, he is briefly disgusted by waking up in such close proximity to his sister, and then by being in actual physical contact with her. Then a monitor droid (disguised as a wild bird) gets his attention. Their curiosity triggers an alarm and the droid sends it off in a deafening manner. Later, the two are cornered by three armed Velocipod pilots. Dash, just remembering Helen's advice, goes for it and starts running. Two of the pilots chase him (while the third engages an invisible Violet). During the episode, Dash discovers just how formidable his superpower really is—he learns that he has a superior reaction time, can deliver rapid-fire punches (but lacks the strength to do any lasting damage), and is so fast at full speed that he can run on water without sinking. At the end of what has become known as "the Hundred-Mile Dash", Dash gets cornered by two Velocipods, but the fact that he stops on the lagoon's surface, and thus immediately submerges, saves his life as his pursuers collide with each other.

Eventually, Dash returns to Point A just in time to save Violet from being killed by the Velocipod pilot who stayed behind to confront her. As Violet returns the favor, surrounding them both with a force-field to protect them from gunfire, she discovers that she can float inside her force-fields if she generates them in mid-air ("How are you doing that?!!" "I dunno!" "Whatever you do, don't stop!"). Dash proceeds to move the force sphere by running along its inside surface, in the manner of a hamster ball. After destroying a couple of Velocipods (killing their pilots in the process), they literally run into (and over) their parents, and after a quick and joyful reunion the whole family works as a super-team for the first time.

Unfortunately, Syndrome immobilizes them in zero-point energy and tells them of Operation Kronos, his plan to fraudulently become a superhero. The family escapes with Vi's help, and when Helen can't find any jets in a hangar that she saw on her way in and Bob tells her that a jet is too slow, Dash sees several rockets. Unfortunately, Helen has no knowledge on how to fly a rocket. Violet tells her to "just use the coordinates from the last launch". Syndrome's ex-co-worker, Mirage, who became an ally of the family after folding her apparent relationship with him, takes care of that since Syndrome changed the password (it was originally "KRONOS") when Bob got caught.

Helen holds a van to the rocket as Dash says what many kids impatiently say on a long journey: "Are we there yet?" When the family arrives, Dash and Violet are nearly crushed to death by the Omnidroid (which had just turned on Syndrome and knocked Violet unconscious) but Bob saves them. When Syndrome's remote enters the fray, Bob throws it like a football and Dash has to cross the pond while catching it. After the family and Lucius finally secure the remote, Violet and Dash fight over it until Helen takes it from them. When Helen tells the children to hide, Violet says no. The Omnidroid is finally destroyed when Bob hurtles one of the robot's claws through the central core.

Upon coming home, Helen stops Dash from toying with the power windows of National Supers Agent Rick Dicker's limousine. Dash then gets excited about how much fun that he had during the entire adventure ("That was the best vacation "ever"! I love our family."). When they arrive, they stop Syndrome from capturing Jack-Jack. Syndrome is apparently killed when his cape gets snagged in the turbine of his private jet and Violet saves the family from being crushed by plane wreckage, which totals their home. Dash now wonders if they have to move again (in the beginning of the movie, the family had just finished three years of packing and unpacking in order to be officially moved into their home) and Bob says yes. When the smoke clears, one of their neighbors, a trike-riding young boy named Rusty, is amazed by what happened ("Oh, man… that was totally wicked!!").

A few months later, Dash is shown running in a race where he restrains himself to running fast enough to win 2nd place, and his family cheers for him when he does this.

Events after the movie

In the video game, "", Helen, Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack are told to evacuate Metroville after they are surrounded by The Underminer's robots, but the four return just in time to watch as Mr. Incredible and Frozone seemingly slay The Underminer by crashing his machine onto a bigger machine, which creates an explosion.

In the short comic "The Incredibles in Holiday Heroes," Dash is exploring the rim of Mount Tiki Toki, where the family is vacationing (Bob warns him not to disturb the wildlife on the island), when the volcano suddenly erupts. He kicks water into Helen (shaped into a large bowl) so Lucius does not get killed by dehydration. The eruption forces the family to vacation somewhere else.

They pick the Walt Disney World Resort, in the Disney on Ice presentation "Disney Presents Pixar's The Incredibles in a Magic Kingdom Adventure". Dash is clearly excited to get to see Mickey Mouse, but for a time, gives in to his urge to use his power to get to the resort (against Bob's objections). He is equally excited to be able to dance alongside one of his favorite television superheroes: Buzz Lightyear. The family, realizing that they are late for the Main Street Parade (for which they had been made Grand Marshall, much to the chagrin of the profile-conscious parents), arrives too late to stop a robot Syndrome from taking Mickey and Minnie Mouse hostage, and is called back into action and Bob tells them that the "real" Syndrome, who apparently had survived his traumatic cape-turbine experience, has grown in power. After a brief fight with the robot Syndrome in the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction (in which the android tries to incinerate them but the attempt is foiled), Dash is not happy with having to hold Jack-Jack while his parents are dancing. It is not until after the congealation of the robot Syndrome and the liberation of Mickey and Minnie that they go to the Enchanted Tiki Room (Helen wanted the family to go there first, but her decision was not very popular with the others).

Powers and Abilities

Dash displays superhuman speed sufficient to run across land or water at several times highway speed. The video game shows his maximum speed at over 190 mph. He has been seen to run over water even faster than on land. The speed also appears to affect his other limbs, as he is seen to be able to punch at speeds greater than any human. He is capable of propelling his sister's forcefields as well, though not at his usual speed. A further by-product of his power is that his reaction times are much faster than those of a normal human.


Dash is, described by Helen in the movie, "a highly competitive boy, and a bit of a showoff". He has blond hair and blue eyes (like his father) and slightly stocky. He also has freckles on his face.

Comic book influence

Dash's look, personality and the use of his super speed resemble the Wally West version of the Flash. His impulsive nature is also similar to Bart Allen.

His "prankster" nature resembles that of the Creeper, Madman and Nightcrawler.

His constants bouts with his sister and teammate Violet resemble Johnny Storm's constant bouts with Ben Grimm.


* Dash's voice is provided by:
**Spencer Fox in the original English version and the play on ice
**Miguel Rius in the Castilian Spanish version
**Penke Bence in the Hungarian version
**Furio Pergolani in the Italian version
**Takuya Kaihou in the Japanese version
**Filip Radkiewicz in the Polish version
**Bernardo Coutinho in the Brazilian version
**Dennis Granberg in the Swedish version
**Aryan Khan in the Hindi version
* In "A Magic Kingdom Adventure", Dash is played by Michael Kuluva.

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