HP Pavilion (computer)

HP Pavilion (computer)

HP Pavilion is a line of personal computers produced by Hewlett-Packard and introduced in 1995. The name is applied to both desktops and laptops for the Home and Home Office product range.

When HP merged with Compaq, it took over Compaq's existing naming rights agreement. As a result, HP sells both HP and Compaq-branded machines. Computers can be ordered either directly from the factory or over the phone, and can be customized through choosing desired specifications. This is known as a CTOoption


In 1995, The HP Pavilion PC marks the company's highly successful introduction into the home-computing market. Dave Packard publishes The HP Way, a book that chronicles the rise of HP and gives insight into the business practices, culture and management style that helped make it a success. The industry's first low-cost, high-speed small infrared transceiver allows wireless "point and shoot" data exchange in a wide range of portable computing applications such as phones, computers, printers, cash registers, ATMs, digital cameras and more. [cite web |publisher=hp.com |url=http://www.hp.com/hpinfo/abouthp/histnfacts/timeline/hist_90s.html |title=HP Timeline — 1990s |accessdate=2007-03-21]

The First HP Pavilion PC

The HP pavilion 5030 was HP's first multimedia PC designed specifically for the home market, and it went on to become a market leader in consumer PCs. It featured a quad-speed CD-ROM drive, Altec Lansing speakers, software for online service access and Microsoft Windows 95. This entry-level model features an Intel Pentium 75 MHz processor, 8 MB (8 MiB) RAM and an 850 MB hard drive. [cite web |publisher=hp.com |url=http://www.hp.com/hpinfo/abouthp/histnfacts/museum/personalsystems/0034/index.html |title=HP Pavilion 5030, 1995 |accessdate=2007-03-21]


HP offers 12 notebook lines which carry the HP Pavilion name and 1 notebook line which carry the Compaq Presario Name. These are customizable in the US only. A wide variety of different models with different setups are offered in Canada and elsewhere.

Current Notebook Models

* 18.4 inch : HDX18t
* 17.0 inch : dv7t / dv7z / Compaq CQ70
* 16.0 inch : HDX16t
* 15.6 inch : G60 / Compaq CQ60
* 15.4 inch : dv5tse / dv5t / dv5z / Compaq CQ50z
* 14.1 inch : dv4tse / dv4t / dv4z / Compaq CQ40
* 13.3 inch : dv3500t
* 12.1 inch : tx2500z Tablet PC / Compaq CQ20

Previous Notebook Models

* 20.1 inch : HDX9000
* 17.0 inch : dv9000 / dv8000 / zd8000 / zd7000
* 15.4 inch : dv6000 / dv5000 / dv4000 / zv6000 / zv5000 / zx5000 / ze5000 / ze4000 / zt3000
* 15.0 inch : ze2000 / ze1000 / zt1000
* 14.1 inch : dv2000 / dv1000
* 12.1 inch : tx1000z tablet PC / tx2000z Tablet PC

Model Number Suffixes

The two or three letter suffix on the model number indicates special information like country or language (dv----xx). The following chart describes each suffix.
* t : Intel Processor
* z : AMD Processor
* ae : Artist Edition (Artist Edition Imprint)
* bw : Broadband Wireless Series
* se : Special Edition ("Intensity" dv4tse, "Renewal" dv5tse, Special Edition Imprint)

The following sufixes corresponds to the region the notebook is sold.
* us : United States
* ca : Canada
* la : Latin America
* ea / ee / (e + a letter) : Europe / Middle East
* au / ax : Asia / Australia - AMD Processor
* tu / tx : Asia / Australia - Intel Processor

Other suffixes include nr, cl, and wm.
* nr : No Rebate
* cl : Club Model (These models are available only through some clubs like Costco and Sam's Club)
* wm : Walmart Model

The HP Pavilion HDX is only sold with Intel Processors, but it doesn't end with the suffix "t". It has no suffix.

The HP Pavilion tx tablet PC series are currently sold with AMD Processors only, but they still end with the suffix "z".

HP Imprint

The HP Imprint notebook finish is a refined, high-gloss coating with a unique, inlaid design. Using an advanced molding technique – often used for cell phone casings, cosmetic packaging and luxury car interiors – the HP Imprint process provides a durable finish with a fashion appeal. HP Imprint was developed in cooperation with Nissha Printing Co., based in Japan.

The following list below shows which notebook series has which imprint design.

HP Imprint
* Wave : dv9000 / dv6000 / dv2000 / tx1000
* Digi Code : Compaq v3000
* Radiance : dv9700 / dv9500 / dv6700 / dv6500 / dv2700 / dv2500
* Trace : Compaq V6700TX
* Influx : dv6700tse / dv6500tse / dv2842se
* Dragon : HDX9000
* Verve : dv2700tse
* Echo : tx2000z / tx2500z
* Thrive : dv6800tse
* Artist Edition : dv2800tae / dv2890nr / dv2990nr

HP Imprint 2
* Mesh: dv7 / dv5 / dv4 / dv3000
* Unity: Compaq CQ20
* Glossy Black Finish: Compaq CQ70 / Compaq CQ50 / Compaq CQ40
* Fluid: HDX18t / HDX16t
* Intensity: dv4tse
* Renewal: dv5tse
* Intersect: dv7 / dv5 / dv4 / dv3500

Take Action. Make Art

HP and MTV held a contest for young people around the world to help design a special edition HP notebook. The theme: the cause that is most personal to you. It all starts with your personal view. Imagine that your design is a positive thought, a belief, a message you want to tell the world. Your take on how to make our planet or your community a better place. The contest went from September 5, 2007 to October 17, 2007 and over 8,500 designs from 112 countries were submitted.

"Asian Odyssey" the personal design of 20-year old Joao Oliveira of Porto, Portugal, was chosen as the winner of the "Take Action. Make Art" global notebook-design competition. The winning design is featured on the HP dv2800tae Series Notebook. There were 4 other top regional designs and they were featured as exclusive laptop skin covers at skinit.com. The regional finalists are Jeremy Kiraly of Queensland, Australia, Marco Feola of Rome, Italy, Eduardo Arevalo Lopez of Bogota, Colombia and Charles Williams of Ottawa, Canada. [cite web |publisher=www.mtv-tama.com |url=http://www.mtv-tama.com/about/ |title=Take Action. Make Art |accessdate=2008-07-23] [cite web |publisher=www.hp.com |url=http://www.hp.com/hpinfo/newsroom/press/2007/071101c.html |title=HP, MTV Announce Winner of "Take Action. Make Art." Global Notebook PC Design Competition |accessdate=2008-07-23]

Weight And Dimensions

ee also

* Hewlett-Packard
* HP OmniBook
* Compaq Presario


External links

* [http://www.hp.com HP corporate homepage]
* [http://www.shopping.hp.com/webapp/shopping/series_can.do?storeName=computer_store&landing=notebooks&a1=Brand&v1=HP+Pavilion HP Pavilion online store]
* [http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/genericDocument?lc=en&cc=us&docname=bph08097&dlc=en&product=3461443&lang=en&printable=yes&encodeUrl=true& Important information about HP Computers that were built after 2003 regarding missing Recovery Discs-Windows XP]
* [http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/fastFaqLiteDocument?lc=en&cc=ie&docname=c00882383&dlc=en&lang=en&printable=yes&encodeUrl=true& Important information about HP Computers that were built after 2003 regarding missing Recovery Discs-Windows Vista]
*HP 6205us XP Drivers - ALL drivers required to install Windows XP on HP 6205us.Available for download, no charge, from these online storage sites:
* http://HP6205usXPDrivers.4shared.com/OR
* http://www.zshare.net/download/13692323bb461ed6/(HP 6205us XP Drivers.part1.rar)
* http://www.zshare.net/download/136939885c793d74/(HP 6205us XP Drivers.part2.rar)

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