Anne Linnet

Anne Linnet

Anne Linnet (born 30 July 1953 in Århus, Denmark, is a Danish singer, musician and composer. She has released a number of solo albums and has also been a member of several bands, such as Shit & Chanel, Anne Linnet Band, and Marquis de Sade. Anne Linnet is one of a small group of Danish musicians and songwriters consistently popular now for many years. She is, and has been for more than three and a half decades, a distinctive figure on the Danish music scene and is valued as a writer and composer. Anne Linnet is known for her well-written, honest lyrics, her explorations into a number of music styles, and a constant desire to try something new. Regarding her personal life, she has become known for her uncompromising opinions, honesty and openness about her sexuality. In 2008 she received [ IFPI Denmark’s] prize of honour for her work of many years on the Danish music scene. [ [ Linnetsongs] ] [ [ GAFFApedia] ]

Anne Linnet earned her degree from Århus Statsgymnasium and went on to obtain a degree from Det Jyske Musikkonservatorium (The Royal Academy of Music, Århus, Denmark). Until 1985, she was married to the jazz musician, Holger Laumann, with whom she has two children; Eva (Evamaria) and Jan Martin (Sean), now named Marcus. She has three other children, two of whom are adopted (Alexander, Peter and Maria). She has had both male and female lovers, and has, over time, become a lesbian icon in Denmark.Fact|date=May 2008

She had her musical debut at 17 years old in 1970, with the Århus based band "Tears", with whom she released two albums. In 1973 she was one of the founding members of the all-woman band, Shit & Chanel, which released four albums in their seven years together. One of their largest hits was the song, "Smuk og Dejlig", written by Anne Linnet. One reason for the band’s split was that the House of Chanel had won a lawsuit against them, about the use of the name "Chanel". After that, the band members felt a need to move on and do something new. [ [ Linnetsongs] ] [ [ GAFFApedia] ]

Following the split, Anne Linnet formed the band, Anne Linnet Band, which released two albums in 1981 and 1982 respectively. Two other singers and musicians in the band were Sanne Salomonsen and Lis Sørensen, both popular singers/musicians who have since had long and successful careers. [ [ Linnetsongs] ]

In 1983, she formed a new band, Marquis de Sade. The sound was harder and more electronic, inspired by other European, mid-eighties bands, such as Eurythmics, and was a change from the softer pop/folk sound that had characterised her music until then. The band released two albums. At the time they created some controversy, and became known for some of their songs having sadomasochistic ("Marquis de Sade") and lesbian ("Hils din mor", "Venus") themes. They had large hits with songs such as "Glor på Vinduer" and "Nattog". [ [ Linnetsongs] ] [ [ GAFFApedia] ]

In 1986, Anne Linnet wrote music for the film, [ "Barndommens Gade"] based on the novel of the same name by the Danish poet Tove Ditlevsen. She set a number of Tove Ditlevsen’s poems to music, which was released on the album "Barndommens Gade". The poem/song, ”Barndommens Gade", became a hit. [ [ GAFFApedia] ]

In 1988, she released the album "Jeg Er Jo Lige Her". The first single was the evergreen "Tusind Stykker", which became a large hit, first in Anne Linnet’s version, and later also in a Swedish version, performed by the Swedish singer and musician, Björn Afzelius. [ [ GAFFApedia] ]

In 1989, she released the album "Min Sang" in collaboration with the Danish author and lecturer, Johannes Møllehave. The album contains her poems inspired by her Christian faith. Linnet and Møllehave have later collaborated on a series of church concerts and lectures.

In 1996, she wrote a chamber opera, "Thorvaldsen", about the Danish, 19th century sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen.

Anne Linnet has also authored several books. In 1983, she published a collection of poems; "Glimt", in 1999, the first part of her autobiography; "Hvor kommer drømmene fra?", and in 2000, four short children’s books about Ivan the dog.

In 2006, she had showing of her oil paintings in Rundetårn, Copenhagen.

In 2007, she released the critically acclaimed solo album "Akvarium" that also became a popular success. [ [ Linnetsongs] ] [ [ GAFFApedia] ]

Discography (incomplete)

* "Lyset" Anne og Tears (1972?) (single)
* "Sweet Thing" (1973) LP
* "Anne Linnet" (1974) LP
* "Kvindesind" (Exlibris, 1977)
* "You're Crazy" (Better Day Records, 1979)
* "Anne Linnet Band" (CBS, 1981) Anne Linnet Band
* "Cha Cha Cha" (CBS, 1982) Anne Linnet Band
* "Marquis De Sade" (CBS, 1983)
* "Berlin '84" (CBS, 1984), Linnet / Salomonsen
* "Hvid Magi" (CBS, 1985), Marquis de Sade
* "En Elsker" (CBS, 1986), Marquis de Sade
* "Barndommens Gade" (CBS, 1986)
* "Jeg Er Jo Lige Her" (Pladecompagniet, 1988)
* "Go' Søndag Morgen (Pladecompagniet, 1989), children's album
* "Min Sang" (Pladecompagniet, 1989)
* "Krig & Kærlighed" (Pladecompagniet/Virgin, 1990), Linnet / Salomonsen
* "Det' Så Dansk" (Pladecompagniet, 1992)
* "Tal til mig" (Pladecompagniet, 1993)
* "Pige Træd Varsomt" (Pladecompagniet, 1995)
* "Thorvaldsen" (Pladecompagniet, 1996) Opera
* "Bitch Boys" (Mega Records, 1997) Bitch Boys
* "Nattog Til Venus" (Sony Music, 1999) double CD compilation
* "Jeg og Du" (Grappa, 2000)
* "Over Mig Under Mig" (Universal Music, 2002), Marquis de Sade
* "Relax" (Universal Music, 2003)
* "Her hos mig" (Universal Music A/S, 2005)
* "Akvarium" (Sony BMG, 2007)


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