Central Japan Commodity Exchange

Central Japan Commodity Exchange

Central Japan Commodity Exchange (C-COM) is a futures exchange based in Nagoya, Japan.

The exchange was established 1 October 1996 from the merger of the Toyohashi Dry Cocoon Exchange, the Nagoya Grain and Sugar Exchange and the Nagoya Textile Exchange, all three based in the Aichi prefecture, central Japan. Effective 1 January 2007 the Osaka Mercantile Exchange merged into C-COM.

Trading is conducted at six specified session times through the day. Commodities traded are:

* Eggs – cash settled
* Gasoil – JIS K2204 grade 1 or 2 (depending on contract month), for physical delivery
* Gasoline – JIS K2202 Grade 2, for physical delivery
* Ferrous scrap (introduced 11 October 2005) – Shindachi of various grades, for physical delivery
* Kerosene – JIS K2203 Grade 1, for physical delivery
* Aluminium
* Nickel
* RSS3 rubber
* Rubber index
* TSR20 rubber

Past commodities traded were Azuki beans, dried cocoons, cotton yarn, IOM soybeans, and non-GMO IOM soybeans.


* [http://www.c-com.or.jp Central Japan Commodity Exchange web site]

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