TN may refer to:


*Air Tahiti Nui, a French Polynesian airline with the IATA airline designation "TN"
*Texas and Northern Railway, an American Railway with the AAR reporting mark "TN"


*Tamil Nadu, a state in southern India, whose ISO abbreviation is "IN-TN"
*Tennessee, a state in the United States, whose postal abbreviation is "TN"
*Tonbridge, a region in England with the postcode "TN"
*Tunisia, a country in Africa, whose ISO country code is "TN"
*The province of Trento, a province in Italy, whose ISO abbreviation is "IT-TN"

cientific terms

*Neel Temperature, the temperature at which an antiferromagnetic material becomes paramagnetic (represented as TN)
*Trigeminal neuralgia, a neuropathic disorder
*Transposon (when immediately followed by a number), a DNA sequence that can change positions
*Twisted Nematic, an LCD panel technology

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