Yuri Nikitin (author)

Yuri Nikitin (author)

Yuri Nikitin (Russian: Юрий Никитин) born in Kharkov, Ukraine in 1939, is a Russian science fiction and fantasy writer. Although he was active in science fiction before perestroika, he become famous when he wrote a fantasy with Slavic motives "Three from the Forest" (Russian: Трое из Леса). One of the main characters is Russian Rurikid Prince Oleg, a mainstay in many sequel novels. Nikitin also wrote a dilogy about Vladimir I of Kiev (980–1015)—(a medieval ruler of Kievan Rus, canonized as Saint Vladimir). Nikitin created a website called "Korchma" (http://nikitin.wm.ru/) as community portal - help to young writers.


"The three from the forest":
*The three from the forest (russian: Трое из леса )
*The three at the sands (russian: Трое в песках)
*The three and the gods (russian: Трое и боги)
*The three in the valley (russian: Трое в долине)
*The secret seven (russian: Семеро тайных)
*Gloom (russian: Мрак)
*Respite in Barbus (russian: Передышка в Барбусе)
*Outcast (russian: Изгой)
*Faramund (russian: Фарамунд)
*Giperborey (russian: Гиперборей)
*Holy grail (russian: Святой грааль)
*Stonehendge (russian: Стоунхендж)
*The revelation (russian: Откровение)
*"Tower-2" (russian: Башня-2)
*Man with the axe (russian: Человек с топором)
*Throughman (russian: Зачеловек)
*Return of the Tomas (russian: Возвращение Томаса)

"The prince feast":
*The prince feast (russian: Княжеский пир)
*Final fight (russian: Главный бой)

*Prince Rus (russian: Князь Рус)
*Ingvar and Olha (russian: Ингвар и Ольха)
*Prince Vladimir (russian: Князь Владимир)

"Teeth wide":
*Teeth wide (russian: Зубы настежь)
*Ears in a tubule (russian: Уши в трубочку)
*Threehands sword (russian: Трехручный меч)

"The three kingdom":
*Artany (russian: Артания)
*Pridon (russian: Придон)
*Cuyavy (russian: Куявия)

*Megaworld (russian: Мегамир)
*The overlords of megaworld (russian: Владыки мегамира)

"Strange novels":
*Baimer (russian: Баймер)
*The great mage (russian: Великий маг)
*Our ground is great and plentiful (russian: Земля наша велика и обильна...)
*Imago (russian: Имаго)
*The imortist (russian: )
*The last stronghold (russian: Последняя крепость)
*The singomakers (russian: Сингомэйкеры)
*Scythians (russian: Скифы)
*The makers of worlds (russian: Творцы миров)
*Transhuman (russian: Трансчеловек)
*Sorcerer of starship "Agudy" (russian: Чародей звездолета "Агуди")
*I live in that body (russian: Я живу в этом теле)
*I'm singular (russian: Я - сингуляр)

"Russians gone":
*Fury (russian: Ярость )
*Empire of the evil (russian: Империя зла )
*On a dark side (russian: На темной стороне )
*Pipe of Jericho (russian: Труба Иерихона)

*The gold sword (russian: Золотая шпага)
*How become writer (russian: Как стать писателем)
*I'm 65 (russian: Мне 65)
*Fireadmirers (russian: Огнепоклонники)

Collections of the stories:
*Far light tower(russian: Далекий светлый терем)
**Person, who changed the world (russian: Человек, изменивший мир )

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