Death Army

Death Army

The Death Army was a series of mobile suits in the anime series "Mobile Fighter G Gundam". In the English translations of the series the name was changed to "Dark Army".

When word of Tokyo being under attack reached Domon Kasshu and his partner Rain Mikamura they set out to investigate. When they arrived they found a city in ruin and were suddenly attacked by the mysterious yellow mobile suits belonging to the Death Army. They were rescued by Domon's old mentor Master Asia and lead to Shinjuku, where several holdouts and survivors of the Death Army attack were encamped. Almost all of Tokyo was over-run by hordes of Death Army mobile suits, and further investigation into their origin determined that they were spawned from the DG cells -tiny nanomachines that could self-evolve, self-repair, and assimilate living and non-living matter- of the Devil Gundam, which was hiding deep underground beneath the city and growing in power. Even more disturbing were the pilots of the Death Army; re-animated zombies, corpses returned to a grisly un-life by the DG cells to guard the Devil Gundam while it strengthened.

The standard Death Army mobile suits were short, stubby, bipedal humanoid mobile suits. Their head was small and round with one large pink cyclops eye, and a spike on top. They were mostly yellow and brown in coloration. The Death Army were often armed with a spiked-club which also doubled as a machine gun. Individually the mobile suits of the Death Army were quite weak, especially in comparison to the sheer might of martial arts masters like Domon Kasshu and Master Asia, who were capable of destroying them in hand to hand combat even "outside" of their Gundams. Their strength came in sheer over-whelming numbers, and when in danger one Death Army unit could send a call for help to every other Death Army unit, which would proceed to swarm to the area the distress originated from. Because the units of the Death Army were capable of evolving there were also several different variations of the standard Death Army.

Death Beast

The Death Beast is very similar to the standard Death Army but it is a quadrupedal mobile suit as opposed to bi-pedal. It also often carried a large machinerifle as opposed to the standard machine gun/spiked-club. The standard bi-pedal legs are folded behind the back of the Death Beast, and if the quadraped legs are damaged they can be ejected and the bi-pedal legs will fold down to replace them.

Death Birdy

The Death Birdy was an aerial version of the standard Death Army mobile suit. This version was a newer model created after the Devil Gundam left Tokyo, Japan and followed Gundam Fighter Domon Kasshu to the Guyana Highlands. The Death Birdy features large bird-like wings on its back and a narrow bird-like tail. The Death Birdy's arms were very large and its human-like manipulator hands were replaced by three claws with a beam cannon in their center. The Death Birdy could also eject its winged backpack and drop to the ground to engage an opponent in hand to hand combat.

Death Navy

Like the Death Birdie the Death Navy was a new Death Army variation created when the Devil Gundam arrived in the Guyana Highlands. The Death Navy was created to be able to operate in shallow waters, such as the plentiful rivers in the highlands. The legs of the mobile suit are docked with a large propellant unit for easy mobility on the surface of the water, and it can eject from the base, turning it into a large torpedo. For combat it carried a trident.

Death Dragon

A highly specialized version of the Death Army the Death Dragon was basically a standard Death Army created with armor and weapons that give it the appearance of Neo-China's GF13-011NC Dragon Gundam. This single unit attacked the camp of Neo-Russia's Gundam Fighter, Argo Gulskii, causing Argo to blame Neo-China's Gundam Fighter, Sai Saici. After the Death Dragon was found to be the true culprit it was destroyed and Sai Saici was vindicated.

Death Master

The Death Master variation was simply a standard Death Army that has a head and backpack cloak designed similar to the GF13-001NHII Master Gundam. After escaping from Tokyo Domon Kasshu encountered these unique mobile suits and chased them down thinking it was the real Master Gundam. Domon failed to realize that they were imitations sent to lure Domon into a trap, and it was only through the intervention of Neo-German fighter Schwartz Bruder that Domon was saved. In the Playstation 2 game "Super Robot Wars IMPACT", the Death Master could perform a "Fake Darkness Finger" attack.

Death Bat

This Death Army variant appeared only in the "SD G Generation F" Playstation game in the final stage of the G Gundam storyline. It is capable only of space flight and cannot be used in atmospheric environments unlike its closest variant, the Death Birdy, though it is similar in appearance and sports red, bat-like wings instead.

Death Ball

While not a mobile suit at all, the silver sphere is also a part of the Death Army, and like the Death Bat, appeared only in the Playstation game "SD G Generation F". The Death Ball has no attacks whatsoever other than having the ability to self-detonate, dealing a huge amount of damage to any Mobile Fighters that get too close to it. They reside only inside the Devil Gundam Colony to stop the New Shuffle Alliance from reaching the Devil Gundam Core.


The Death Army basic unit is similar to a Zaku from the original Mobile Suit Gundam hence the cyclops eye and head

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