Standards of Learning

Standards of Learning

Standards of Learning or (SOL) is a program of the Commonwealth of Virginia. It sets forth learning and achievement expectations for grades K-12 in Virginia's Public Schools. The standards represent what many teachers, school administrators, parents, and business and community leaders believe schools should teach and students should learn.

Establishing standards

In June 1995, the Virginia Board of Education approved Standards of Learning in four core content areas - mathematics, science, English, and history and the social sciences. In September 1997, the Board of Education established new Standards for Accrediting Public Schools in Virginia (SOA) that link statewide accountability tests to the SOL and hold students, schools, and school divisions accountable for results.

Results over ten years

In 1998, the first year of SOL testing, only 2 percent of the commonwealth’s public schools met the standard for full accreditation. The percentage of schools meeting the state’s accreditation standards increased to 6.5 percent in 1999, 22 percent in 2000, 40 percent in 2001, 64 percent in 2002, 78 percent in 2003, and 84 percent in 2004.

In October 2005, the State reported that students in 1,685, or 92 percent, of the commonwealth’s 1,834 schools receiving accreditation ratings for 2005-2006, met or exceeded state achievement objectives on Standards of Learning (SOL) tests and other statewide assessments in the four core academic areas. [ [ Press Release - September 2, 2005 ] ]


In order to pass, the student has to achieve a score of 400 or higher, which is approximately 60%, and if the student wants Advanced Proficiency, he or she needs a score of 500 or higher, which is approximately 83%.


External links

* [ Virginia Dept. of Education, Standards of Learning webpage for home schooling]
* [ Resources for SOL]

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