Eda may refer to:
* Eda, Sweden, a municipality in west central Sweden on the Norwegian border
* Eda (given name), a Turkish given name
* EDA (gene)

EDA is an acronym for:
* Epidural anaesthesia
* Enterprise digital assistant, an electronic portable device
* Eating Disorders Association, a British medical charity organization
* Eighth Doctor Adventures, a series of novels based on the television series "Doctor Who"
* Election Defense Alliance, a voting integrity organization
* Electoral District Association, the official term used by Elections Canada to describe a riding association
* Electronic design automation, the category of tools for designing and producing electronic systems ranging from printed circuit boards (PCBs) to integrated circuits
* Estimation of distribution algorithm, a term used in computer science
* Ethylene diamine, an organic compound
* European Defence Agency, a governmental body under the Council of the European Union
* Economic Development Administration of the U.S. Department of Commerce
* Event Driven Architecture or Enterprise Driven Architecture, a style of business or computer software architecture
* Excess defense articles, a term used in the arms trade
* Exploratory data analysis, a term used in statistics
* Elektro Dynamisches Anfahrelement (EDA) or Electrodynamic moving-off element, by MAN AG

ee also

* Edah, a Modern Orthodox Jewish organization

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