Anal Haq

Anal Haq

:"This article is about a short story by Basheer; for other uses see Mansur Al-Hallaj"

"Anal Haq" is a short story in the collection "Anargha Nimisham" written by Vaikom Muhammad Basheer,in typical Khalil Gibran style based on the life of the renowned Sufi, Mansur Al-Hallaj [] who was indicted and killed on charges of heresy.

Mansoor Al-Hallaj was condemned to hang by the neck for shouting in ecstasy "Anal-Haq, Anal-Haq" (I am the Truth, I am the Truth). The orthodoxy understood this to mean that he was claiming to be God himself, whereas he had proclaimed in his sublime spiritual ecstasy, simply a total annihilation of himself. Mansoor Al-Hallaj climbed the gallows with his head held high, not the least daunted by his imminent death. Nor could his shouts be drowned in the tumult of abuses which were hurled at him; they rose loud and clear and high "Anal-Haq, Anal-Haq" until his soul departed to the fountainhead of his life on high.

Basheer draws parallel between "Anal Haq" and "Aham Brahmasmi" the "Upanishad mahakavya" which means "I am Brahman ". Basheer uses this term to intend God is found within one's 'self'. The story is written in such a way as to attack the orthodox practices in Islam.

In the edition of "Anargha Nimisham" which was published in 1982, Basheer added a note saying that "This story was written some forty years back. Now I believe that ordinary human beings who are just the products of the All Mighty saying things like "I am God" is a sin. I had also claimed that the work is based on a real story, but now; take it just as a fantasy".

This is considered as a marked change from his earlier convictions. Critics contented that Basheer had become more religious towards his later life, contradicting some of his earlier works.

Basheer did not leave even this note without a touch of humour; this note too ended with "Anal Haq",similar to that of the protagonist of the story.

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