Rein Weiss Ritter

Rein Weiss Ritter

The Rein Weiss Ritter is a fictional robot in the Super Robot Wars series, designed by Kazue Saito. It has appeared as a playable unit in Super Robot Wars Impact, and Super Robot Wars Original Generations.


Due to the corruption and augmentation of the original Weiss Ritter by the Einst, the Rein Weiss Ritter looks biomechanical in nature. Traces of the white armor plating of the original Weiss can be seen, but most of its armor has been replaced with the green, tentacle-like tendrils and red spherical jewels of an Einst, giving it an unusual, somewhat demonic look.

Technical And Historical

After the Einst captured Excellen Browning and her machine, they began to possess her, which was not difficult, due to the fact her body was part Einst. Her machine was upgraded using Einst technology, which boosts the power output (and consequently, the machine's speed) to new heights. 60 percent of the armor had also been replaced by Einst technology, and new additions, including four large white bat-like wings are added to the backpack and the Howling Launcher. This unit would be known as the "Rein Weiss Ritter" (German for "Pure White Knight", although it's a literal translation and grammatically incorrect). After Excellen returns to her teammates, this machine is designated with the codenumber PTX-007-03UN. Despite the ATX Team being hesitant to use Einst technology, Excellen would utilize this weapon to its fullest potential. She would work alongside her boyfriend, Kyosuke Nanbu, and his Alt Eisen Riese. Together, they can perform their signature combination attack, the Rampage Ghost. At the end of the war, after the Einst are defeated, the Einst components on the machine crumble and reverts it back into the original Weiss Ritter.

In Super Robot Wars Original Generations, the enhancement process of the Rein Weiss Ritter is apparently an alteration of the original chassis of the Weiss Ritter, after an examination done by Ryoto Hikawa and Raji Montoya. Therefore, it does not have any true Einst elements on the machine, as the Rein Weiss Ritter does not revert back into the original, thereby allowing Excellen to fully utilize it during the Bartool uprising, retconning the events in the Game Boy Advance version of Original Generation 2.


Height: 21.9 meters

Weight: 65.5 tons

Weapon Systems:
*Triple Beam Cannon
"The Weiss Ritter fires the energized beam cannons on its left arm."

*Split Missile
"These are more advanced versions of the split missiles the normal Gespenst has. They are missiles stored on the upper backpack that can launch and split open to reveal smaller missiles."

*Howling Launcher E-Mode
"Excellen sets the Howling Launcher to its energy mode and fires a large energy beam. In Original Generations, the Rein Weiss Ritter fires countless number of the E-Mode beams, moving swiftly from one position to another fast enough that it looks like several mecha, bombarding the enemy with multiple blasts. This attack can hit several enemies at once."

*Howling Launcher B-Mode
"Excellen sets the Howling Launcher to ballistic mode. It then fires large solid rounds at the target."

*Howling Launcher X-Mode
"What the "X" stands for is unknown. This mode transforms the Howling Launcher in a very scary fashion into a larger (and more intimidating) mode which mounts three large energy cannons. The Rein Weiss Ritter launches a super charged energy shot to annhilate the opponent. In Original Generations, the Weiss uses its Howling Launcher E-Mode to hit its target from several angles at once, before it ascends, transforms the Howling Launcher into its X-Mode and fires the deadly beam vertically at the enemy. The resulting shot sends the unit crashing to the ground, exploding in a cataclysmic fashion."

*Rampage Ghost
"Excellen and Kyosuke's signature combination attack. Both the Alt Eisen Riese and Weiss fire their Chaingun and Triple Beam Cannon attack, respectively. The Alt rushes, while the Weiss uses its Howling Launcher E attack. A successful hit allows the Alt to deliver its Plasma Horn attack, sending the enemy unit flying directly into the energy beam from the Howling Launcher. The Alt then drives its Revolving Bunker into the enemy, setting off all 6 of its charges, resulting in the enemy flying off. The Weiss returns a Howling Launcher B attack at point-blank range, and with the Alt, simulataneously unleash the Howling Launcher X and Claymore Avalanche attacks, ending the combination attack."
** "In Original Generations, while the Rein Weiss Ritter unleashes a barrage of its Howling Launcher E-Mode on the enemy, the Alt charges its Plasma Horn and pierces the units, and sends it flying away. The Weiss returns with a few shots of the Howling Launcher B-Mode and the Alt unloads its Heavy Claymore attack. As the Weiss charges its Howling Launcher into its X-Mode, the Alt slams the Revolving Bunker into the enemy and delivers it into the path of the X-Mode's beam. The impact from both attacks is so great, the enemy explodes in a cataclysmic fashion, while the Alt and Weiss looks on from away.

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