List of Lepidoptera that feed on alders

List of Lepidoptera that feed on alders

Alders ("Alnus spp.") are used as food plants by the larvae of a number of Lepidoptera species:


Species which feed exclusively on "Alnus":
* Bucculatricidae
** "Bucculatrix locuples" - feeds on Tag Alder ("A. serrulata")
* Coleophoridae
** "Coleophora alnifoliae"
* Geometridae
** May Highflyer ("Hydriomena impluviata")


Species which feed on "Alnus" among other plants:
* Arctiidae
** Buff Ermine ("Spilosoma lutea")
* Bucculatricidae
** "Bucculatrix cidarella"
* Coleophoridae
**Several other "Coleophora" species:
***"C. alniella"
***"C. binderella" - recorded on Black Alder ("A. glutinosa")
***"C. comptoniella"
***"C. fuscedinella"
***"C. limosipennella"
***"C. malivorella"
***"C. orbitella"
***"C. persimplexella" - recorded on Green Alder ("A. viridis")
***"C. pruniella"
***"C. serratella"
* Drepanidae
** Oak Hook-tip ("Drepana binaria")
* Geometridae
** Autumnal Moth ("Epirrita autumnata")
** Common Marbled Carpet ("Chloroclysta truncata")
** Common Wave ("Cabera exanthemata")
** Common White Wave ("Cabera pusaria")
** Dotted Border ("Agriopis marginaria")
** The Engrailed ("Ectropis crepuscularia")
** Grey Pug ("Eupithecia subfuscata")
** Large Emerald ("Geometra papilionaria")
** Mottled Beauty ("Alcis repandata")
** Purple Thorn ("Selenia tetralunaria")
** Scalloped Hazel ("Odontopera bidentata")
** Scalloped Oak ("Crocallis elinguaria")
* Hepialidae
** "Endoclita auratus"
** "Endoclita undulifer"
** "Sthenopis argenteomaculatus"
* Lymantriidae
** Gypsy moth ("Lymantria dispar") - recorded on Speckled Alder ("A. (incana) rugosa")
** Yellow-tail ("Euproctis similis")
* Noctuidae
** Dot Moth ("Melanchra persicariae") - recorded on Grey Alder ("A. rugosa")
** Grey Dagger ("Acronicta psi")
** Hebrew Character ("Orthosia gothica") - recorded on Grey Alder ("A. rugosa")
** The Miller ("Acronicta leporina")
** Poplar Grey ("Acronicta megacephala") - recorded on Grey Alder ("A. rugosa")
* Notodontidae
** Coxcomb Prominent ("Ptilodon capucina")
** Rough Prominent ("Nadata gibbosa")
* Nymphalidae
** American White Admiral/Red-spotted Purple ("Limenitis arthemis") - recorded on Grey Alder ("A. rugosa")
* Saturniidae
** Emperor Moth ("Pavonia pavonia")
* Sphingidae
** Lime Hawk-moth ("Mimas tiliae")
** Poplar Hawk-moth ("Laothoe populi")
** Walnut Sphinx ("Amorpha juglandis")

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