The Faithful

The Faithful

Infobox Television episode
Title=The Faithful
Airdate=October 17 2001
Writer=Dick Wolf (creator)
René Balcer (developer and story)
Stephanie Sengupta (story and teleplay)
Director=Constantine Makris
Guests=Michael O'Keefe
Peter McRobbie
Alex Feldman
Renoly Santiago
Roy Thinnes
Michael Ornstein
Jim Bracchitta
Dana Reeve
Stephen Henderson

Plot summary

Investigating the murder of a Catholic church sexton, Goren and Eames uncover his long-standing disagreement with a local street punk, as well as evidence of embezzlement within the church. When the punk is found dead as well, the focus shifts to a priest who has been hiding a shameful family secret for years.



Deakins: Great. The Goren Show's back in town.
Eames: After 18 years in foster care, Kevin turns up an uncle.
Goren: Touching, isn't it?
Eames: We're the NYPD. We lie all the time. And we're good at it.
Deakins: What about you? Any dazzling insights you'd like to share?
Goren: Uh... no.
Attorney: This is pure harassment.
Eames: You have no idea how many times a day we hear that.
Eames: You thinking of converting? 'Cause I think Father Capan would love to baptise you.
Goren: Too late. You're talking to a lapsed alter boy.
Eames: I should have known. Disregard for authority, the fascination with bad behavior...


Goren responds to a compliment on his treatment of the mentally ill Howard by saying that he has had "lots of practice" in his life. This remark is borne out later in the series with the introduction of his schizophrenic mother.

Other languages

Spanish title: "Los Fieles".

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