Blur can refer to:

Unfocused imagery

"Blur" generally refers to the appearance of an unfocused image. See Defocus aberration, eyeglass prescription, lens and eye. Specific terms using this meaning of "Blur" include:

* Bokeh, the appearance of out-of-focus areas from an image produced by a lens
* Box blur, a graphic-art effect
* Gaussian blur, a graphic-art effect
* Motion blur, a photographic and optical effect
* Shallow focus, a photographic technique where the subject is in focus and the background and foreground are blurred.


* Blur (band), an English rock band
** "Blur" (album), the above band's fifth album
** "", the above band's compilation album


"blur" refers to the event when a GUI element loses focus.


Refers to the Phoenix Suns guard Leandro Barbosa


* The Blur, a pulp magazine novel featuring The Shadow
* "The Blur", a go-kart featured in the film "The Little Rascals"
* Blur (comics), a fictional superhuman also known as "The Blur"
* Blurr, a fictional robot from "The Transformers"
* Blur, a 2007 film directed by Nick Briscoe


* Blur Studio, CGI animation company based in California

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