List of Baptist confessions

List of Baptist confessions

* 1644 First London Baptist Confession - revised in 1646
* 1651 The Faith and Practice of Thirty Congregations
* 1654 The True Gospel-Faith Declared According to the Scriptures
* 1656 The Somerset Confession of Faith
* 1655 Midland Confession of Faith
* 1660 The Standard Confession
* 1678 The Orthodox Creed
* 1689 Second London Baptist Confession - originally written in 1677
* 1691 A Short Confession or a Brief Narrative of Faith

* 1742 The Philadelphia Confession
* 1745 The Coalheaver's Confession
* 1757 Carter Lane Declaration of Faith
* 1758 The Sandy Creek Confession
* 1770 Articles of Religion of the New Connexion
* 1792 The Goatyard Declaration of Faith

* 1833 New Hampshire Confession of Faith
* 1834 Treatise on the Faith and Practice of the Free Will Baptists - revised in 1848
* 1858 The Abstract of Principles
* 1866 Compend of Christian Doctrines Held by Baptists
* 1878 The Articles of Faith of the Gospel Standard Aid and Poor Relief Societies (Strict Baptist) — an expression of Hyper-Calvinism

* 1900 Fulton Confession of Faith (Primitive Baptists)
* 1923 Articles of Faith Put Forth by the Baptist Union of America
* 1925 Baptist Faith and Message - revised in 1963, 1998 and 2000
* 1998 Cambridge Declaration

Statements of Faith by Convention/Association
* [ American Baptist Association]
* [ Baptist Missionary Association of America]
* [ General Association of Regular Baptist Churches]
* [ Southern Baptist Convention - Baptist Faith and Message 2000]
* [ Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches in Canada]

Other Resources

* [ Reformed Reader - Historic Baptist Documents]

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