Unity may refer to:

* Unity School District - Public School in Balsam Lake, Wisconsin
* Unity University College A university in Ethiopia
* Unity College (Maine) a college in Maine, USA

;In entertainment:
*"Unity" (song), a duet by Afrika Bambaataa and James Brown.
*Unity (Operation Ivy song), a song by Operation Ivy on their album, "Energy"
*Unity (band), a band featuring Pat Dubar of Uniform Choice.
*Unity, a briefly extant band formed by Lazo (musician).
*Unity (club), a legendary 1990's club night at the University of Warwick founded by DJs Damon Lee Perry and Simon Burnett.
*The Unity (comics), a crossover event in the Valiant Comics universe.
*Unity (computer game), the name of a cancelled computer game, developed by Lionhead Studios.
*Unity (episode), an "I Pity the Fool" episode
*"Unity (Avishai Cohen)", the 2001 album by jazz bassist Avishai Cohen.
*"Unity (George album)", the second album for Australian band George.
*"Unity (John Tams)", an album by John Tams.
*"Unity (Larry Young)", a jazz album by Larry Young.
*"Unity (311 album)", second independent release by the band 311
*Unity, the name of the fictional vessel in the fan-produced series [http://st-unity.net Star Trek: Unity] .
*Unity, a British roller-blading magazine.
*Unity 101 is a community radio station based in Southampton, England.
* , episode of "Star Trek: Voyager"
* Unity Christian Music Festival, a 4 day Christian Music festival in Muskegon, Michigan

;In geography:
*Unity, Sudan, a state of Sudan.
*Unity, Saskatchewan, a town in Saskatchewan, Canada.
*Unity Village, Guyana a village in the East Coast district of Guyana
*Places named Unity in the United States:
*:Unity (town), Maine, a town in Waldo County, Maine.
*:Unity (CDP), Maine, a census-designated place in Waldo County, Maine.
*:Unity, Kennebec County, Maine, unorganized territory.
*:Unity, New Hampshire.
*:Unity, Oregon.
*:Unity, Wisconsin, a village in Wisconsin.
*:Unity, Clark County, Wisconsin.
*:Unity, Trempealeau County, Wisconsin.
*:Unity Township, Pennsylvania.
*:Unity Village, Missouri.
*:West Unity, Ohio.

;In journalism:
*Unity Journalists of Color, Inc., the umbrella group of the Asian American Journalists Association, the National Association of Black Journalists, the National Association of Hispanic Journalists and the Native American Journalists Association.

;In politics:
*Unity Party, the name of several political parties.
*Unity (Sweden) ("Enhet"), a small Swedish political party.
*Unity08, an American political group seeking to build a coalition of supporters from both the Democratic and Republican Parties
*Unity (trade union), a British trade union, formerly called the Ceramics and Allied Trades Union.
*UNITY (asylum seekers organisation), a union of asylum seekers based in Glasgow, Scotland
*Labor Unity, the major right-wing faction of the Australian Labor Party ;In religion and philosophy:
*Generally, the concept of oneness.
*Unity is the operating name of Unity School of Christianity. [http://www.unityonline.org/]
*The Roman Catholic Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity.
*The Unity Christian Music Festival, informally known as "Unity", a three day Christian music concert held annually in Muskegon, Michigan.
*Unity, one of the three mottos found on the national emblem of Pakistan.
*Unity, one of the core teachings of the Bahá'í Faith.

;In science and technology:
*Unity Pro is a PLC Configuration Software from Schneider Electric
*Unity (mathematics) refers to the number one.
*In ring theory, it refers to the multiplicative identity element of a ring.
*Cisco Unity, a voicemail server solution of Cisco Systems
*m2mi Unity, software intelligence technology of m2mi Corporation.
*The "Unity" module, a segment of the International Space Station.
*Unity of invention, a patent law requirement.
*UNITY (programming language).
*Unity socket server, a Java socket server designed to work with XML Sockets in Adobe Flash.
*Unity (art), a principle of art.
*Avid Unity, a system designed to share media.
*Unity (game engine), a 3D engine and game development tool.
*Unity (submarine cable), a trans-Pacific fiber optic cable proposed by Google

;In transport:
* Unity (ship), a ship that disappeared near Tasmania in 1813.

Unity Mitford;See also;
* Unity Day (disambiguation page)
* Unity Bridge

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