Hexagonal tiling

Hexagonal tiling

In geometry, the hexagonal tiling is a regular tiling of the Euclidean plane. It has Schläfli symbol of "{6,3}" or "t{3,6}" (as a truncated triangular tiling).

Conway calls it a hextille.

The internal angle of the hexagon is 120 degrees so three hexagons at a point make a full 360 degrees. It is one of three regular tilings of the plane. The other two are the square tiling and the triangular tiling.

This hexagonal pattern exists in nature in a beehive's honeycomb, and various crystal lattices.

Nonregular forms

The "hexagonal tiling" can be stretched and adjusted to other geometric proportions and different symmetries. For example, the standard brick pattern can be considered a nonregular hexagonal tiling. Each rectangular brick has vertices inserted on the two long edges, dividing them into two colinear edges.

Uniform colorings

There are 3 distinct uniform colorings of a hexagonal tiling. (Naming the colors by indices on the 3 hexagons around a vertex: 111, 112, 123.)

The 3 colorings, named by their generating Wythoff symbols and symmetry are:

Wythoff constructions from hexagonal and triangular tilings

Like the uniform polyhedra there are eight uniform tilings that can be based from the regular hexagonal tiling (or the dual triangular tiling).

Drawing the tiles colored as red on the original faces, yellow at the original vertices, and blue along the original edges, there are 8 forms, 7 which are topologically distinct. (The "truncated triangular tiling" is topologically identical to the hexagonal tiling.)

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