Red Rubber Ball

Red Rubber Ball

Infobox Single
Name = Red Rubber Ball
Type = Single
Artist = The Cyrkle
from Album =
B-side =

Released = 1966
Genre = Pop
Length = 2:22
Label =
Writer = Paul Simon / Bruce Woodley
Producer =
Last single =
This single =
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"Red Rubber Ball" is a pop song which became a hit (going to #2 in the Billboard Hot 100) in the 1966 version recorded by The Cyrkle.

It was co-written by Paul Simon (of Simon and Garfunkel) and Bruce Woodley (of The Seekers). [ Guitar] According to Cyrkle guitarist Tom Dawes, Simon offered it to The Cyrkle when they were opening for Simon and Garfunkel on tour. [ Song Facts] [ Classic Bands: The Cyrkle] The Seekers also recorded "Red Rubber Ball" for their 1966 album "Come the Day" (US-title: "Georgy Girl") — and the Seekers' recording of "Red Rubber Ball" can also be heard on 'Disc Three - 1966 - 1967' of the CD box set "The Seekers Complete".

At "Music Notes", the sheet music for "Red Rubber Ball", for the album "Simon and Garfunkel - Old Friends", also credits the songwriters as Paul Simon and Bruce Woodley [ [ Music Notes] ]

In the media

*A recorded live cover was performed by Simon and Garfunkel.
*Eggchair's cover was played in the 2004 movie, "".
*Canadian punk rock group The Diodes recorded a cover of this song as the first track on their debut album, "The Diodes" (1977). According to the liner notes of the 1998 Diodes anthology, "Tired of Waking Up Tired", the band recorded the cover because Paul Simon had been vocal in his disapproval of punk rock music.


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