1895 in literature

1895 in literature

The year 1895 in literature involved some significant new books.


* Carlyle's House in Chelsea opens to the public.
* Robert Frost marries Elinor Miriam White.
* Ernest Thayer recites his poem, "Casey at the Bat", at a Harvard class reunion.
* The "American Historical Review" is published for the first time.
* "Pan", a German arts and literary magazine, is first published.
* The first edition of the "Times Atlas of the World" is published at the office of "The Times" newspaper in London.

New books

*Grant Allen
**"The British Barbarians"
**"The Woman Who Did"
*John Kendrick Bangs - "A House-Boat on the Styx"
*Rhoda Broughton - "Scylla or Charybdis?"
*Mary Elizabeth Braddon - "Sons of Fire"
*Robert W. Chambers - "The King in Yellow"
*Joseph Conrad - "Almayer's Folly"
*Marie Corelli - "The Sorrows of Satan"
*Stephen Crane - "The Red Badge of Courage"
*J. Meade Falkner - "The Lost Stradivarius"
*Antonio Fogazzaro - "Piccolo mondo antico"
*Hamlin Garland - "Rose of Dutcher's Coolly"
*Thomas Hardy - "Jude the Obscure"
*Joris-Karl Huysmans - "En Route"
*Henry James - "The Altar of the Dead"
*Rudyard Kipling
**"The Brushwood Boy"
**"The Second Jungle Book"
*George MacDonald - "Lilith"
*Arthur Morrison - "Chronicles of Martin Hewitt"
*Eliza Orne White - "The Coming of Theodora"
*Bolesław Prus - "Pharaoh"
*Emilio Salgari - "I misteri della jungla nera"
*Henryk Sienkiewicz - "Quo Vadis"
*Leo Tolstoy - "Master and Man"
*Jules Verne - "Propeller Island"
*H. G. Wells - "The Time Machine"

New drama

*Jules Renard - "La demande"
*Frank Wedekind - "Earth Spirit"
*Oscar Wilde - "The Importance of Being Earnest"


*Giovanni Marradi - "Ballati moderne"


*February 14 - Max Horkheimer, German philosopher (d. 1973)
*February 28 - Marcel Pagnol, French novelist (d. 1974)
*March 29 - Ernst Jünger, German novelist (d. 1998)
*April 23 - Ngaio Marsh, New Zealand novelist (d. 1982)
*May 9 - Lucian Blaga, Romanian poet and philosopher (d. 1961)
*May 19 - Charles Sorley, British poet (d. 1915)
*June 16 - Warren Lewis, British historian, brother of C. S. Lewis and Inkling (d. 1973)
*July 14 - F. R. Leavis, British literary critic (d. 1978)
*July 24 - Robert Graves, English poet and novelist (d. 1985)
*September 21Sergei Yesenin, Russian poet (d. 1925)
*October 17 - C. H. B. Kitchin, British novelist (d. 1967)
*October 31 - Basil Liddell Hart, English military historian (d. 1970)
*November 1 - David Jones, British poet and artist (d. 1974)
*November 16 - Michael Arlen, Armenian novelist and short story writer (d. 1956)
*December 1 - Henry Williamson, English novelist (d. 1977)
*December 14 - Paul Éluard, French poet (d. 1952)
*"date unknown" - Vivian de Sola Pinto, British poet, literary critic, and historian (d. 1969)


*January 13 - John Robert Seeley, English historian and essayist (b. 1834)
*January 15 - Lady Charlotte Guest, British translator of Welsh literature (b. 1812)
*February 20 - Frederick Douglass, American abolitionist, orator and writer (b. 1818)
*March 5 - Nikolai Leskov, Russian journalist, novelist and short story writer (b. 1831)
*March 15 - Cesare Cantù, Italian historian (b. 1804)
*March 22 - Henry Coppée, American historian and biographer (b. 1821)
*April 3 - Gustav Freytag, German novelist and dramatist (b. 1816)
*April 26 - Eric Stenbock, Baltic German poet (b. 1858)
*May 26 - Ahmet Cevdet Pasha, Ottoman historian and legal writer (b. 1822)
*August 1 - Heinrich von Sybel, German historian (b. 1817)
*August 5 - Friedrich Engels, German socialist writer (b. 1820)
*November 4 - Eugene Field, American children's author (b. 1850)
*November 27 - Alexandre Dumas, fils, French novelist and dramatist (b. 1824)
*"date unknown"
**William Grainge, English historian and poet (b. 1818)
**Auguste Vacquerie, French journalist (b. 1819)



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