Quickening (Shannara)

Quickening (Shannara)

Shannara character

loyalty=King of the Silver River
magic=Elemental magic, healing
appearance="The Druid of Shannara"
birth=Created by the King of the Silver River
death=Killed by Pe Ell

Quickening is a character from The Druid of Shannara by Terry Brooks. She is the daughter of the King of the Silver River.


Quickening was created from the heart of the Gardens of Life, home of the King of the Silver River. She was an elemental, formed of nature and magic into human shape. She was sent forth by her father for several tasks, the most important of which was to defeat Uhl Belk, the Stone King.

Quickening travelled from the Silver River country of her birth to the Dwarven village of Culhaven, which, like the rest of the Dwarven nation, had been subjugated by the Federation. On her way, she gathered large groups of followers, to whom she brought hope.She proved her immense powers by restoring life to the burnt Meade Gardens, giving the Dwarves hope in their subjugation.

In order to travel to Eldwist, Uhl Belk's domain, Quickening needed help. Following her father's task, she recruited Pe Ell, Morgan Leah, and Walker Boh to her cause. While she had a different effect on each - Pe Ell wanted to possess her, Morgan fell in love with her, and Walker detected a kinship with her- Each was essentially the same in that it was hypnotic. Walker also warned her of a vision he had been shown, in which he had sent her to her death. Undaunted, she brought him along.

As the company traveled, Quickening fell in love with Morgan Leah. She was afraid of this, for she had no protection against human emotion. It did not deter her, however, as the quest continued, adding Tracker Horner Dees and tunesmith Carisman to their ranks. Eventually they arrived at Eldwist, where Quickening shared what she knew of the place.

When they confronted Uhl Belk, Quickening revealed everything about her companions. In the battle against him, she revealed her magic, and Uhl Belk saw her true purpose. As the company fled, Pe Ell captured Quickening, who then surprised everyone by allowing Pe Ell to stab her. They took Quickening to a cliff overlooking Eldwist, where Walker fulfilled his vision by pushing her off, allowing her to dissolve and heal the land of stone.

In dying, Quickening was meant to restore Eldwist. In doing so, she eliminated Uhl Belk's threat. She also restored the shattered Sword of Leah, a last testament of her love for Morgan.

Quickening is pictured on a cover of the 1992 edition of The Druid of Shannara; the Figure on the right of her is Walker Boh.

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