Walker Boh

Walker Boh

Shannara character

name=Walker Boh
nickname=The Dark Uncle
race=approx. 80% Human, 20% Elf
loyalty=Himself, the Druids
appearance="The Scions of Shannara"
birth=Born to Kenner Ohmsford and Risse Boh
death=Killed fighting the artificial intelligence Antrax in "Antrax"

Walker Boh is a fictional character from Terry Brooks' Heritage of Shannara and The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara series.

Walker Boh is a descendant of Brin Ohmsford, and cousin to Par and Coll Ohmsford. As his name suggests, he is also descended from Cogline through the Druid's granddaughter, Kimber Boh. It can also be assumed from the short story "Indomitable" that he is a member of the Leah family, as Brin's husband in this story is said to be Rone of Leah. He is known throughout the Heritage of Shannara series as Walker Boh and Dark Uncle, though he is not an uncle to anyone. He, along with his cousins Par, Coll, and Wren, are charged by the shade of the Druid Allanon with saving the Four Lands from the threat of the Shadowen. Walker has some elven blood in him, though it may not be enough to make him a proper half-elf like his ancestor Shea Ohmsford. His appearance in The Scions of Shannara is described as having slight elven features, "his skin a shocking white hue that provided a marked contrast to the shoulder-length black hair and close-cropped beard." Walker Boh dislikes the druids, who he feels have used his ancestors as puppets.

The Heritage of Shannara

cions of Shannara

Introduced about a quarter through the book, Walker is a recluse living out in Cogline's old home of Hearthstone. He at first refuses to go to the Hadeshorn, but later decides to go. When he receives his charge to bring back Paranor and the Druids, he refuses, saying he would cut off his own hand first. Cogline later brings him a Druid history from Paranor, in which he learns of the Black Elfstone, an object that can help him. Consulting the vengeful Grimpond, he is shown visions of his future and given directions to the stone, unaware of the Grimpond's trickery. He enters the Hall of the Kings, attempting to recover the Elfstone, only to be trapped by an Asphinx, a magic snake that turns to stone, and begins to do the same to Walker's right arm.

The Druid of Shannara

Allanon charges Walker with recovering the Black Elfstone, the one artifact that can restore the hidden Druid Keep of Paranor. He loses one of his arms in a failed attempt at recovering the Elfstone, and is only saved from death by Cogline. After some time of trying to cure himself, Cogline and Rumor seemingly die, and Hearthstone is destroyed. Walker is saved and healed by Quickening, the daughter of the King of the Silver River. Together with several other companions, they journey to the kingdom of Uhl Belk, the Stone King, who has stolen the Black Elfstone. Along the way, Walker comes to the discovery that he is to be the next Druid, a role he at first rejects and then accepts. They succeed in recovering the Black Elfstone, but at a terrible price. Taking the Black Elfstone and the weapon known as the Stiehl, he enters lost Paranor. Inside, he discovers two friends he expected never to see again: Cogline and Rumor.

Elf Queen of Shannara

Inside the Druid's Keep, Walker's task is incomplete and twofold: he must restore Paranor fully to the world of men and become a Druid. After studying the Druid Histories, he comes to the conclusion that he must use the Black Elfstone on the mist that guards the Keep. Using it, he discovers that the mist is the spirit of Allanon and the Druids gone before, and a transformation is invoked that brings Paranor back into the world of men. Meanwhile, Walker has become a Druid, changed to resemble both himself and Allanon.

The Talismans of Shannara

Walker's transformation continues, as he is transformed inside and out into a Druid. Rimmer Dall, the leader of the Shadowen, sends the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse to destroy Walker at the newly recovered Paranor Keep. Walker drives them off, and with revelation from Allanon, sets off to seek his friends. He helps save Par from his overwhelming magic, and together with his reunited family journeys to Southwatch, the stronghold of the Shadowen, and defeats the evil creatures. Walker disappears with the Sword of Shannara, returning to Paranor where he sleeps the Druid Sleep, envisioning a new Druid Council.

The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara

Ilse Witch

Walker is tasked by the Shade of Allanon with restoring the Druid Order. When he learns of the body of an Elf washing up on the shores of the Westlands bearing a map to a land over the seas, he is naturally curious at what may be found there that could aid him in restoring the Druid Order. Together with Bek Ohmsford, he assembles a crew to pilot the airship "Jerle Shannara", named after the founder of the Shannara lineage from which he and Bek are descended.

However, they are pursued by a deadly enemy, the Ilse Witch, servant of the even more powerful warlock Morgawr, who seeks to discover the secrets of this new land for herself and use them to destroy both Walker and her master.


In the continent over the sea, Walker discovers a vast underground complex, and a deadly artificial intelligence that was created before the Great Wars millennia ago. This AI is known as Antrax, and it does all it can to destroy the intruders to its domain, but although it is ultimately destroyed by Walker, the Druid is mortally wounded in the act. He then grips the Sword of Shannara at the same time as Grianne Ohmsford, and they both succumb to its powers.


With Grianne in a non-responsive state, Walker orders Truls Rohk to carry him down to an underground lake, where he summons Allanon's shade. In dying, he names Grianne as his successor. After this point, he takes Allanon's place as the Druid shade who rises from the Hadeshorn, his first act as a shade being to relieve the seer Ryer Ord Star of her suffering at the hands of the Rets.

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