Nehemiah (disambiguation)

Nehemiah (disambiguation)

Nehemiah may refer to:

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  • Nehemiah — For other uses, see Nehemiah (disambiguation). Nehemiah (pronounced /ˌniːəˈmaɪə/ or /ˌniːhəˈmaɪə/; נְחֶמְיָה, Comforted of/is the LORD (YHWH), Standard Hebrew Nəḥemya, Tiberian Hebrew Nəḥemyāh) is the central figure of the Book of Nehemiah, which …   Wikipedia

  • Nehemiah Donnellan (disambiguation) — Nehemiah Donnellan was Archbishop of Tuam from 1595 until his resignation in 1609. Nehemiah Donnellan or Donellan may also refer to Nehemiah Donnellan (1649–1705), Irish lawyer Nehemiah Donnellan (1698–1770), Irish MP Nehemiah Nixon Donnellan… …   Wikipedia

  • Nehemiah Donnellan (1649–1705) — For other uses, see Nehemiah Donnellan (disambiguation). Nehemiah Donellan (1649 – 25 December 1705) was an Irish lawyer, the son of Sir James Donnellan and grandson of Archbishop Nehemiah Donnellan. His mother was Sarah Wheeler, daughter of… …   Wikipedia

  • Nehemiah Donnellan — For other uses, see Nehemiah Donnellan (disambiguation). Nehemiah Donnellan (a.k.a. Giolla na Naemh Ó Dónalláin), Archbishop of Tuam, fl. c. 1560 1609. Contents 1 Background 2 Career 3 Tiomna Nuadh …   Wikipedia

  • Harem (disambiguation) — May have the following possible meanings:* Harem, the ḥarîm حريم (cf. ḥaram ) is the part of the household forbidden to male strangers * Imperial Harem (Ottoman), in the Seraglio palace of Topkapi, was a major part of the Ottoman Sultan s court * …   Wikipedia

  • Ananias (disambiguation) — Ananias ( gr. Ἁνανίας) is the Greek form of Hananiah (Hebrew for Yahweh is gracious ), or Ananiah, a name occurring several times in the Old Testament and Apocrypha (Nehemiah 3:23, 1 Chronicles 15:23, Tobit 5:12. etc.), and three times in the New …   Wikipedia

  • Geshem (disambiguation) — Geshem can refer to: *Geshem (גשם), one of the Hebrew words for rain, applied mostly to the heavy rains which occur in Israel in the fall and winter. *Geshem (also Gashmu), Arab leader who opposed Nehemiah (… …   Wikipedia

  • Books of Chronicles — For other uses, see Chronicles (disambiguation). Paralipomenon redirects here. For other uses, see Paralipomena (disambiguation). Hebrew Bible …   Wikipedia

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  • Ezra — For other uses, see Ezra (disambiguation). Ezra from Guillaume Rouillé s Promptuarii Iconum Insigniorum …   Wikipedia

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