Japanese students in the United Kingdom

Japanese students in the United Kingdom

The first Japanese students in the United Kingdom were sent in the nineteenth century by the Chōshū and Satsuma domains, then the Bakufu (Shogunate). Later many studied at Cambridge University and a smaller number at Oxford University until the end of the Meiji era. The reason for sending them was to catch up with the West by modernizing Japan. Since the 1980s, Japanese students in the United Kingdom have become common thanks to cheaper air travel.

Chōshū Five (1863)

At University College London supervised by Professor Alexander William Williamson

*Ito Shunsuke (later Ito Hirobumi)
*Inoue Monta (later Inoue Kaoru)
*Nomura Yakichi (later Inoue Masaru)
*Endo Kinsuke
*Yamao Yozo

atsuma students (1865)

15 Satsuma students, one from Tosa and one from Nagasaki.Two supervisors (ometsuke). This group also studied at
University College London which was open to students ofall religions.

*Mori Arinori
*Godai Tomoatsu
*Terashima Munenori
*Sameshima Naonobu
*Nagasawa Kanae and others

Bakufu students (1866)

*Kawaji Taro
*Nakamura Keisuke

Students: (12)
*Naruse Jogoro
*Toyama Sutehachi,
*Mitsukuri Keigo
*Fukuzawa Einosuke (no relation of Fukuzawa Yukichi)
*Hayashi Tozaburo (later Hayashi Tadasu)
*Ito Shonosuke
*Okukawa Ichiro
*Yasui Shinpachiro
*Mitsukuri Dairoku (later Kikuchi Dairoku)
*Ichikawa Morisaburo
*Sugi Tokujiro
*Iwasa Genji

tudents in the Meiji era

Cambridge University

*Kikuchi Dairoku
*Suematsu Kencho
*Inagaki Manjiro
*Okura Kishichiro
*Tanaka Ginnosuke

Oxford University

*Hachisuka Mochiaki
*Nanjo Bunyu - professor of Sanskrit at Tokyo University
*Takakusu Junjiro

Naval trainees

*Togo Heihachiro


*Takamine Jokichi

After World War II

*Katsuhiko Oku, Oxford
*Hisashi Owada, Cambridge

ee also

*Anglo-Japanese relations


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