Pain scale

Pain scale

Pain is the Fifth Vital Sign. [cite journal |author=Walid MS, Donahue SN, Darmohray DM, Hyer LA, Robinson JS |title=The Fifth Vital Sign—What Does It Mean? |journal=Pain Practice|volume= |issue= |pages= |year=2008 |pmid= |doi=10.1111/j.1533-2500.2008.00222.x] Pain scales measure patient's pain, using different methods. Pain may be evaluated as a single measure (intensity only) or using several measures (duration and intensity); the Brief Pain Inventory uses an interview to assess how pain affects the ability to function in daily life.

List of pain measurement scales

* Visual analog scale (VAS)cite journal |author=Huskisson EC |title=Measurement of pain |journal=J. Rheumatol. |volume=9 |issue=5 |pages=768–9 |year=1982 |pmid=6184474 |doi= |url= ]
* McGill Pain Questionnaire (MPQ)cite journal |author=Melzack R |title=The McGill Pain Questionnaire: major properties and scoring methods |journal=Pain |volume=1 |issue=3 |pages=277–99 |year=1975 |month=September |pmid=1235985 |doi= |url= |accessdate=2008-05-26]
* Descriptor differential scale (DDS)cite journal |author=Gracely RH, Kwilosz DM |title=The Descriptor Differential Scale: applying psychophysical principles to clinical pain assessment |journal=Pain |volume=35 |issue=3 |pages=279–88 |year=1988 |month=December |pmid=3226757 |doi= |url= ]
* Faces Pain Scale (FPS)cite journal |author=Hicks CL, von Baeyer CL, Spafford PA, van Korlaar I, Goodenough B |title=The Faces Pain Scale-Revised: toward a common metric in pediatric pain measurement |journal=Pain |volume=93 |issue=2 |pages=173–83 |year=2001 |month=August |pmid=11427329 |doi= |url= |accessdate=2008-05-26 [ Full-text] ]
* Numerical 11 point box (BS-11)cite journal |author=Jensen MP, Karoly P, O'Riordan EF, Bland F, Burns RS |title=The subjective experience of acute pain. An assessment of the utility of 10 indices |journal=Clin J Pain |volume=5 |issue=2 |pages=153–9 |year=1989 |month=June |pmid=2520397 |doi= |url= ]
* Numeric Rating Scale (NRS-11)cite journal |author=Hartrick CT, Kovan JP, Shapiro S |title=The numeric rating scale for clinical pain measurement: a ratio measure? |journal=Pain Pract |volume=3 |issue=4 |pages=310–6 |year=2003 |month=December |pmid=17166126 |doi=10.1111/j.1530-7085.2003.03034.x |url= ]
* Dolorimeter Pain Index (DPI)cite book | author = Hardy, J.D. | coauthors = Wolff, H.G.; Goodell, H. | year = 1952 | title = Pain Sensations and Reactions | publisher = The Williams & Wilkins Co | location = Baltimore | isbn = ASIN = B0006ASZ92]
* Brief Pain Inventory (BPI)cite journal |author=Cleeland CS, Ryan KM |title=Pain assessment: global use of the Brief Pain Inventory |journal=Ann. Acad. Med. Singap. |volume=23 |issue=2 |pages=129–38 |year=1994 |month=March |pmid=8080219 |doi= |url= ]
* Walid-Robinson Pain Index (WRI) = Intensity upon admission (0-10) X Length (in months).cite journal
author=Walid MS, Hyer L, Ajjan M, Barth AC, Robinson JS Jr.
title=Prevalence of opioid dependence in spine surgery patients and correlation with length of stay
journal=J Opioid Manag.
] [Walid MS, Hyer LA, Ajjan M, Robinson JS: Predicting Opioid-Dependence Using Pain Intensity and Length of Pain Suffering in Pre-Spine-Surgery Patients. The Internet J Pain, Symptom Control and Palliative Care. 2007; Volume 5, Number 2.] .

pecialized tests

* Pediatric Pain Questionnaire (PPQ)cite journal |author=Varni JW, Thompson KL, Hanson V |title=The Varni/Thompson Pediatric Pain Questionnaire. I. Chronic musculoskeletal pain in juvenile rheumatoid arthritis |journal=Pain |volume=28 |issue=1 |pages=27–38 |year=1987 |month=January |pmid=3822493 |doi= |url= ] for measuring pain in children
* Premature Infant Pain Profile (PIPP)cite journal |author=Ballantyne M, Stevens B, McAllister M, Dionne K, Jack A |title=Validation of the premature infant pain profile in the clinical setting |journal=Clin J Pain |volume=15 |issue=4 |pages=297–303 |year=1999 |month=December |pmid=10617258 |doi= |url= |accessdate=2008-05-26] for measuring pain in premature infants
* Schmidt Sting Pain Indexcite book |author=Schmidt, Justin O.; Evans, David |title=Hymenopteran venoms: striving toward the ultimate defense against vertebrates; "chapter in" Insect defenses: adaptive mechanisms and strategies of prey and predators |publisher=State University of New York Press |location=Albany, N.Y |year=1990 |pages= 387-419 |isbn=0-88706-896-0 |oclc= |doi= |accessdate=] and Starr sting pain scalecite journal | author = Starr, C.K. | year = 1985 | title = A simple pain scale for field comparison of Hymenopteran stings | journal = Journal of Entomological Science | volume = 20 | issue = 2 | pages = 225–231] both for insect stings
* Colorado Behavioral Numerical Pain Scale (for sedated patients)cite journal |author=Salmore R |title=Development of a new pain scale: Colorado Behavioral Numerical Pain Scale for sedated adult patients undergoing gastrointestinal procedures |journal=Gastroenterol Nurs |volume=25 |issue=6 |pages=257–62 |year=2002 |pmid=12488689 |doi= |url= |accessdate=2008-05-26]


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