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  • Sir Andrew Noble, 1st Baronet (1831-1915), British physicist
  • Ann C. Noble, a sensory chemist and retired professor from the University of California, Davis
  • Arthur Noble (1695–1746), a Lieutenant-Colonel of the Massachusetts Bay Colonial Militia
  • Bill Noble, an Australian rugby league footballer
  • Brian Noble (disambiguation)
  • David Noble (disambiguation)
  • Denis Noble (born 1936), British physiologist and emeritus professor at the University of Oxford
  • Elmer Noble (1909–2001), a parasitologist
  • Emma Noble (born 1971), an actress and model, former daughter in law of Sir John Major
  • Frank Noble (born 1945), a footballer who played for Peterborough United
  • Gladwyn Kingsley Noble (1894–1940), an American zoologist
  • Sir Iain Noble, 3rd Baronet (born 1935), a champion of Gaelic from Skye
  • James Noble (1785–1831), a 19th century U.S. senator
  • James Noble (actor) (born 1922), a 20th century U.S. actor
  • Jamie Noble (born 1976), a professional wrestler
  • John H. Noble, an American inmate of the Soviet Gulag at Vorkuta
  • Lee Noble, a British car designer and owner of Noble Automotive
  • Mark J. Noble (born 1987), an English footballer
  • Matthew Noble (1818–1876), a British sculptor
  • Noble (musician), a guitarist of indie/rock band British Sea Power
  • Reg Noble (1895–1962), a former NHL Hockey player
  • Richard Noble (born 1946), a former land speed record holder
  • Ross M. Noble (born 1976), a British stand-up comedian, born in Cramlington, England
  • Sierra Noble (born 1990) a Canadian musician
  • T. Tertius Noble (1867–1953), a British organist and composer
  • Trisha Noble (born 1944), an Australian singer and actress
  • William Noble (disambiguation)
  • Young Noble (born 1978), an American rapper
  • Miguel de la Espriella (born 1947), a Colombian artist who goes by the name of "Noble"

Fictional characters

  • Donna Noble, a companion in the sci-fi series Doctor Who and her parents — Geoff and Sylvia Noble
  • The Noble Family, a fictional family of comic book superheroes, appearing in their series, Noble Causes
  • Noble, the humanoid werewolf form of Savage/Noble, the only fully organic Transformer, from the Beast Machines series
  • NOBLE team, a UNSC special warfare unit composed of Spartans, biochemically augmented supersoldiers that appear in Halo: Reach

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