Kumbhoj (pronounced as "kam'bho'j") is the name of an ancient town located in Kolhapur district in Maharashtra. The town is about six kilometers from Hataklangada, about twenty seven kilometers from Kolhapur and currently, also is the Taluka or Tehsil Headquarters. The famous Jain Tirtha (pilgrom place) "Kumbhojgiri", also known as "Kumbhoj Bahubali", is just two kilometers away from the Kumbhoj city. The Vidyapeeth's Degree College of Engineering and Technology is also located in Kumbhoj.

Geographically, Kumbhoj is located at a latitude (DMS) of 16° 49' 60 N and longitude (DMS) of 74° 25' 60 E.

As the name itself suggests, Kumbhoj seems to be connected with well known ancient term Kamboja of Sanskrit/Pali literature.

Alternative name of Kumbhoj is "Kumboj" (=Kamboj). The former name is apparently free from Iranian or "Paisaci" influence since Maharashtra location was far removed from the north-west division of ancient India. Kamboj is the standard name found in numerous ancient Sanskrit and Pali texts.

Padma Vibhushan Dr. Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil, a renowned social worker and philanthropist was born at Kumbhoj.

The cult figure of Bahubali at Kumbhoj is identical to the Bahubali of Shravanbelgola known as Gomateshwar to the south in Karnataka.


During second century BCE, a section of Kambojas from Central Asia had joined the great tribal movement from Central Asia, and in alliance with the Sakas, Pahlavas, Abhiras etc, they are known to have spread into western and south-western parts of India. One section of those Kambojas appears to have given their name to this coastal town of south-west India. There still is said to be a microscopic Jain community, predominantly agrarian, called Kambhoj living near Nanded in Maharashtra.


There is a reference to sage Kumbhoja (q.v.) who finds reference in southern Indian recensions of Ramayana. He seems to have lived somewhere on the banks of river Godavari, in south-west India during Ramayana times. Seems like sage Kambhoja originally belonged to north-west and had migrated to south of Vindhya on river Godawri.

See: The Kambojas in West/Southwest India [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Migration_of_Kambojas#The_Kambojas_in_West.2FSouthwest_India]

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