Leech (disambiguation)

Leech (disambiguation)

Leech may refer to:

* Leech, a primitive animal
**Leeching, is a form of bloodletting in medieval and early-modern medicine which used leeches
* Leech (computing), in computing, someone who uses others' information or effort but does not provide any in return
* The aft edge of a sail, which is referred to as a leech in sailing
* Leech (comics), a fictional character in the X-Men universe. He is aligned with the Morlocks, and has the ability to negate the power of any mutant nearby
* Leech lattice, in mathematics, a lattice Λ in R24, discovered by John Leech (mathematician)
*Leech (He-Man), a character from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
*Leeches, an alternative name for pythiosis in horses
* The 12th episode of the first season of "Smallville"


* Allen Leech
* Faith Leech
* Garry Leech
* Geoffrey Leech
* James Russell Leech
* John Leech
* John Leech (mathematician)
* John Leech (politician)
* Kenneth Leech
* Margaret Leech
* Samuel Leech
* Richard Leech
* Ryan Leech
* Tom Leech

ee also

* Leach
* Leaching

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