List of Puerto Ricans of African descent

List of Puerto Ricans of African descent

This is a list of notable Afro Puerto Ricans.

*Don Omar, reggaeton artist
* Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos, the Puerto Rican symbol of Identity and Freedom.
*Wilfred Benitez, three-time world boxing champion, youngest world champion in boxing history.
*Carmen Belen Richardson, actor
*Juan Boria, performer, educator
*Tego Calderon, reggaeton artist
*Jose Campeche, painter
*Bobby Capo, musician, composer
*Bobby Capo Hijo, musician, composer, son of Bobby Capo
*Roberto Clemente, only Puerto Rican to reach 3,000 hits in Major League Baseball history.
*Orlando "Peruchin" Cepeda, baseball Hall of Famer
*Carlitos Colon, former WWE wrestler
*Jesús Colón, writer and politician, "Father of Nuyorican Movement"
*Rafael Cordero, educator who set up a school for children of all races
*Rafael Cortijo, percussionist, composer
*Rafael Cepeda, percussionist and composer of the "bomba" genre
*Eva Cruz, volleyball player
*Jose "Cheo" Cruz, baseball player
*Tite Curet Alonso, composer
*Carlos Delgado,baseball player
*Sylvia Del Villard, actor, choreographer, dancer and producer of Afrocaribbean-themed performances
*Rafael Jose Diaz, actor, television host
*Maria Falcon, television host

*Carlos Fajardo, Sergeant-at-Arms of the Puerto Rico Senate
*Cheo Feliciano, New-York based singer, performer
*Ruth Fernandez, international singer
*Pedro Flores, composer
*Juano Hernandez, Actor, vaudevillian, radio scriptwriter, boxer
*Rafael Hernandez, composer who wrote "La Borinqueña"
*Eddie Manso, current Mayor of Loiza
*Jerome Mincy, basketball player
*Juan Morel Campos, composer
*Pedro Rosa Nales, television reporter
*Emilio "Millito" Navarro, first Puerto Rican to play in the Negro Leagues
*Santos Ortiz, former mayor of Cabo Rojo, and first Puerto Rican to win an election as an independent candidate
*Luis Pales Matos, poet
*Victor Pellot, baseball player Rosie Perez, actress and choreographer
*Ismael Rivera, Singer
*Carmelo Anthony, Professional Basketball Player- Denver Nuggets
*((Catalino Gonzalez Iglesias)), AKA Lino Iglesias - Composer, Radio Producer & Manager (Sirius Satellite Radio (1999 to 2004) & Music Choice (1990 To 1999) Latin Music Division), Voice Talent, Professional Basketball/Volleyball Player & Coach, Singer, Owner/Producer/Leader/vocalist of the Salsa group Rikoson All Stars. Born in N.Y. and raised in Arroyo, Puerto Rico.
*Gabriel Santos, former Mayor of Loiza
*Mayra Santos-Febres, author, poet, critic, professor at UPR RP
*Arturo Alfonso Schomburg, educator and black historian
*Pedro Telemaco, first Black male leading man to star in a Puerto Rican telenovela
*Piri Thomas, writer, author of "Down These Mean Streets"
*Félix Trinidad, world boxing champion
*Otilio Warrington, better known as Bizcocho, popular television comedian.
*Bernie Williams, NY Yankees center fielder
*Eddie Dee, reggaeton artist
*Alani Vasquez, MTV V.J.
*Ismael Pellot, jobless

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