Ras Sudar

Ras Sudar

Ras Sidr is an Egyptian city located on the Gulf of Suez and Red Sea coast, it is a part of South Sinai governorate, consisting of three areas: Wadi Sidr, Abu Sidr and Soerp. The region known since the time of the ancient Egyptians and Moses and Jesus and the Greeks and Romans.

Numbers of Tourists who are visiting it are increasing, the region has beachs that has little marine salt and marine grass and its water are calm. There are tourist attractions such as "soldier Castle " or "Qala Sidir" and it is a castle made of rock, it was built when the armies of Saladin went to fight the crusaders, and also the famous Pharaoh baths that its water ran from the mountain , in addition to the cave inscriptions.

The majority of the city are inhabitated by Sinai Bedouins who live in the areas of Wadi Abu Sidr and Soerp, As for Sidr, the center of the city most of inhabitatents came from the Nile Valley to work.

Ras Sidr are 200 km from Cairo through the martyr Ahmed Hamdi tunnel, there is the area of Ras Sidr Airport, also there are some oil fields nearby.

Sandy beachs extends for 95 kilometers along the area where the resort of Ras Sidr is, and also the area attract amateur bird watchers and especially quails watchers and mountain goats found in the region, also found in the region baths and natural springs, sulfurous hospital, including some which has been discovered 5000 years ago , The temperature are up to 75 degrees Celsius, including the eyes of Musa and Valley named Traci.

There are a number of the city's tourist villages and hotels on the beach and the numbers of Egyptian tourists are increasing due to the proximity of Ras Sidr from Cairo in addition to foreign tourism also known as Ras Sidr safari tourism, which is what the area are famous for.

Ras Sudar ( _ar. رأس سدر) is an oil field on the Gulf of Suez.

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