Battle of Palermo

Battle of Palermo
Battle of Palermo
Part of the Franco-Dutch War
Battle of Palermo 1676.jpg
Date June 2, 1676
Location Near Palermo
Result French victory
 United Provinces
Commanders and leaders
Dutch Republic Jan den Haen
Spain Don Diego de Ibarra
Kingdom of France Comte de Vivonne
17 Dutch + 10 Spanish ships of the line 28 ships of the line
Casualties and losses
Dutch: 3 ships, about 150 killed; Spanish: 4 ships, about 500 killed about 50 killed

The naval Battle of Palermo took place on 2 June 1676 during the Franco-Dutch War, between a French force led by Abraham Duquesne and a Spanish force supported by a Dutch maritime expedition force. Largely because the Dutch and Spanish ships were at bay making repairs from earlier a battle, the French fleet destroyed four Spanish and three Dutch ships with fireships. This battle secured the supremacy of the French fleet for the remainder of the war.


Order of battle

France (Abraham Duquesne)

  • Nine warships
  • Seven galleys
  • Five fireships


  • Vrijheid 50 (Adam van Brederode) - Sunk
  • Stad en Lande 54 (Joris Andringa)
  • Spiegel 70 (Gillis Schey)
  • Provincie van Utrecht 60 (Jan de Jong)
  • Steenbergen 68 (SbN Pieter van Middelandt) - Sunk
  • Kraanvogel 46 (Jacob Willemszoon Broeder)
  • Zuiderhuis 46 (Pieter de Sitter)
  • Gouda 76 (Vice-Admiral Jan den Haen, killed)
  • Leeuwen 50 (Frans Willem, Graaf van Stierum)
  • Damiaten 34 (Isaac van Uitterwijk)
  • Edam 34 (Cornelis van der Zaan)
  • Groenwijf 36 (Juriaan Baak)
  • Eendracht 76 (Vice-Admiral Gerard Callenburgh)
  • Oosterwijk 60 (Jacob Teding van Berkhout)
  • Harderwijk 46 (Mattheus Megang)
  • Leiden 36 (Jan van Abkoude) - Sunk
  • Wakende Boei 46 (Cornelis Tijloos)

10 or 12 Spanish ships:
Nuestra Señora del Pilar (Capitana Real) 64/74 (1000-1100 crew) Almirante Don Diego de Ibarra (killed) - blown up
Santiago (Nueva Real) 80
San Antonio de Napoles 44/46 (500 crew) - burnt
San Felipe 40/44 - burnt
San Carlo/Salvator delle Fiandre/San Salvador (Almiranta de Flandres) 40/42/48 (350 crew) - burnt
San Joaquin/San Juan 80
San Gabriel 40
Santa Ana 54/60 - probably burnt and salvaged
Nuestra Señora del Rosario 50
Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe *
Nuestra Señora del Rosario y Las Animas *

Ships marked * are probable

19 Spanish galleys:
San Jose (Almirante Juan de Villaroel, killed) burnt
San Salvador burnt


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