1924 in literature

1924 in literature

The year 1924 in literature involved some significant events and new books.


* Ford Madox Ford publishes the first book of a four-volume work titled "Parade's End" published between 1924 and 1928.

New books

*Michael Arlen - "The Green Hat"
*Louis Bromfield - "The Green Bay Tree"
*John Buchan - "The Three Hostages"
*Edgar Rice Burroughs
**"The Land That Time Forgot"
**"Tarzan and the Ant Men"
*Edna Ferber - "So Big"
*Ford Madox Ford - "Some Do Not"
*Jean Forge - "Saltego trans Jarmiloj"
*E. M. Forster - "A Passage to India"
*Charles Boardman Hawes - "The Dark Frigate"
*Margaret Kennedy - "The Constant Nymph"
*Thomas Mann - "The Magic Mountain"
*John Masefield - "Sard Harker"
*Herman Melville - "Billy Budd, Foretopman"
*Dmitri Merezhkovsky - "Akhnaton, King of Egypt"
*George Moore -"Peronnik the Fool"
*Baroness Orczy
**"The Honourable Jim"
**"Pimpernel and Rosemary"
**"Les Beaux et les Dandys de Grand Siècles en Angleterre"
*Eden Phillpotts - "The Treasures of Typhon"
*Edith Wharton - "The Old Maid"
*Walter F. White - "The Fire In The Flint"
*Paul Sullivan - "Maata's Journal"
*P. C. Wren - "Beau Geste"

New drama

*Maxwell Anderson - "What Price Glory?"
*Mikhail Bulgakov - "The Fatal Eggs (Роковые яйца)"
*Noel Coward - "The Vortex"
*Sean O'Casey - "Juno and the Paycock"


*Edwin James Brady - "The Land of the Sun"
*Muhammad Iqbal - "Bang-i-Dara"
*A. A. Milne - "When We Were Very Young"


*Sarah Bernhardt - "The Art of the Theatre"
*Emma Goldman - "My Further Disillusionment in Russia"
*Mark Twain - "The Autobiography of Mark Twain"


*January 30 - Lloyd Alexander, American writer (d. 2007)
*February 3 - Andrzej Szczypiorski, writer (d. 2000)
*February 17 - Margaret Truman, novelist, daughter of President Harry S. Truman (d. 2008)
*May 1 - Terry Southern, American writer (d. 1995)
*August 3 - Leon Uris, American author (d. 2003)
*August 6 - James Baldwin, American writer (d. 1987)
*August 17 - Evan S. Connell, American author
*September 4 - Joan Aiken, English novelist (d. 2004)
*September 30 - Truman Capote, American writer (d. 1984)
*October 5 - José Donoso, Chilean writer (d. 1996)
*October 29 - Zbigniew Herbert, Polish writer (d. 1998)


*April 21 - Marie Corelli, British author (b. 1855)
*May 4 - E. Nesbit, English children's author (b. 1858)
*June 3 - Franz Kafka, German language author (b. 1883)
*August 3 - Joseph Conrad, Polish-British author (b. 1857)
*October 13 - Anatole France, French writer (b. 1844)
*October 25 - Laura Jean Libbey, American novelist (b. 1862)
*December 6 - Gene Stratton Porter, American novelist and naturalist (b. 1863)
*December 26 - Arnold Henry Savage Landor, British writer and artist, grandson of Walter Savage Landor (b. 1865)


*James Tait Black Memorial Prize for fiction: E. M. Forster, "A Passage to India"
*James Tait Black Memorial Prize for biography: Rev. William Wilson, "The House of Airlie"
*Newbery Medal for children's literature: Charles Hawes, "The Dark Frigate"
*Nobel Prize for Literature: Wladyslaw Stanislaw Reymont
*Pulitzer Prize for Drama: Hatcher Hughes, "Hell-Bent Fer Heaven"
*Pulitzer Prize for Poetry: Robert Frost, ""
*Pulitzer Prize for the Novel: Margaret Wilson, "The Able McLaughlins"

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