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Paper Bag Records

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founded = 2002
founder = Trevor Larocque
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distributor = Universal (Canada)
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genre = Indie rock
country = Canada
location = Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Paper Bag Records is a Canadian independent record label, founded in 2002 and based out of Toronto, Ontario.

Originally the label was created with the intention of focusing specifically on the Toronto-area indie rock music scene, including bands such as Broken Social Scene, Stars, controller.controller and Tokyo Police Club but they have recently ventured out into the European indie rock scene with the 2006 signing of Denmark's Under Byen and Figurines who were signed in April 2007. In July 2007, the label signed Swedish Italo disco singer Sally Shapiro and announced the North American release of her album Disco Romance.

The label was also responsible for releasing the "See You on the Moon!" compilation that featured indie rock artists such as Sufjan Stevens, Mark Kozelek, Great Lake Swimmers and Hot Chip performing songs for children.

In August 2007 issue of US publication XLR8R magazine, Paper Bag Records was voted #14 'Best Indie Label'. The list of 25 included larger indie labels such as XL Recordings, Astralwerks, Domino Records and ANTI-/Epitaph Records.

Paper Bag Records proudly announces the launch of Paper Bag Digital. Paper Bag Digital is scheduled to open its virtual doors later this month with the inaugural release of Sally Shapiro's Remix Romance Vol. 2 on June 17th, 2008. Digital-only releases are also in the works for Woodhands, rare live highlights of The Acorn’s Glory Hope Mountain, and You Say Party! We Say Die! among others.


Juno Award

In 2003 the label received the "Alternative Album of the Year" Juno Award for their first release, Broken Social Scene's "You Forgot It in People", and in 2004 was again nominated for the Juno Award for Stars' album "Heart". Tokyo Police Club's video for 'Cheer It On' directed by Sean Wainsteim was nominated for 'Video of the Year' at the 2008 Juno Awards.

Polaris Music Prize

In 2006 Paper Bag Records was nominated for the first annual Polaris Music Prize award for The Deadly Snakes' "Porcella" album.

Plug Awards

Tokyo Police Club was nominated for 'Song of the Year' and 'New Artist of the Year' at the 2007 Plug Awards and Sally Shapiro was nominated for 'Female Artist of the Year' and her album Disco Romance was up for 'Dance/Electronic Album of the Year' at the 2008 Plug Awards, scheduled for March 6, 2008.

MuchMusic Video Award

Tokyo Police Club won a MuchMusic Video Award in 2007 for the video 'Cheer It On' directed by Sean Wainsteim.

Artists (past and present)

*The Acorn
*Andre Ethier
*Broken Social Scene
*Cities in Dust
*The Deadly Snakes
*Jake Fairley
*Josh Reichmann Oracle Band
*Laura Barrett
*Magneta Lane
*Matthew Barber
*Sally Shapiro
*Slim Twig
*Tokyo Police Club
*Under Byen
*Winter Gloves
*You Say Party! We Say Die!


*PAPER001 Broken Social Scene - "You Forgot It in People"
*PAPER002 Stars - "Dead Child Stars"
*PAPER003 Stars - "Heart"
*PAPER004 Matthew Barber - "Means and Ends"
*PAPER005 Hawaii - "Hawaii"
*PAPER006 The FemBots - "Small Town Murder Scene"
*PAPER007 Plastikman - "Closer"
*PAPER008 Various Artists - "Paper Bag Records Sampler 2004"
*PAPER008-2 Various Artists - "Paper Bag Records Sampler 2006"
*PAPER008-3 Various Artists - "Paper Bag Records Sampler 2007 / 5 Year Anniversary Compilation"
*PAPER008-4 Various Artists - "Paper Bag Records Sampler 2008"
*PAPER009 controller.controller - "History"
*PAPER010 Uncut - "Those Who Were Hung Hang Here"
*PAPER011 The FemBots - "Mucho Cuidado"
*PAPER012 Jake Fairley - "Touch Not The Cat"
*PAPER013 Memphis - "I Dreamed We Fell Apart"
*PAPER014 Magneta Lane - "The Constant Lover"
*PAPER015 controller.controller - "x-amounts"
*PAPER016 The FemBots - "The City"
*PAPER017 The Deadly Snakes - "Porcella"
*PAPER018 Various Artists - "See You on the Moon!"
*PAPER019 Magneta Lane - "Dancing with Daggers"
*PAPER020 Tokyo Police Club - "A Lesson in Crime"
*PAPER021 Cities in Dust - "Night Creatures"
*PAPER022 Andre Ethier - "Secondathallam"
*PAPER023 Uncut - "Modern Currencies"
*PAPER024 Under Byen - "Samme stof som stof"
*PAPER025 You Say Party! We Say Die! - "Lose All Time"
*PAPER026 The Acorn - "Tin Fist"
*PAPER027 The Acorn - "Glory Hope Mountain"
*PAPER028 Figurines - "When the Deer Wore Blue"
*PAPER029 Sally Shapiro - "Disco Romance"
*PAPER030 Tokyo Police Club - "Smith EP"
*PAPER031 Laura Barrett - "Earth Sciences EP"
*PAPER032 Under Byen - "Siamesisk"
*PAPER033 Slim Twig - "Derelict Dialect EP"
*PAPER034 Sally Shapiro - "Remix Romance Vol. 1"
*PAPER035 Sally Shapiro - "Remix Romance Vol. 2"
*PAPER036 Woodhands - "Heart Attack"
*PAPER037 Winter Gloves - "about a girl"
*PAPER038 Slim Twig - "Vernacular Violence"
*PAPER039 Laura Barrett - "Victory Garden"

*PBR-D-1008 Tokyo Police Club - "The Soho Sessions (iTunes Exclusive)"
*PBR-D-1009 Andre Ethier - "Live at The Verge"
*PBR-D-1010 Tokyo Police Club - "Smith EP"
*PBR-D-1020 The Acorn - "Heron Act"
*PBR-D-1021 Woodhands - "I Wasn't Made For Fighting EP"
*PBR-D-1022 You Say Party! We Say Die! - "Remik's Cube"
*PBR-D-1023 TBA - "TBA"
*PBR-D-1024 Winter Gloves - "Let Me Drive EP"
*PBR-D-1025 Josh Reichmann Oracle Band - "Life is Legal EP"

*PAPER020LP Tokyo Police Club - "A Lesson in Crime" (1000 copies worldwide)
*PAPER025LP You Say Party! We Say Die! - "Lose All Time" (600 copies worldwide)
*PAPER027LP The Acorn - "Glory Hope Mountain" (300 copies worldwide / 2xLP)
*PAPER036LP Woodhands - "Heart Attack" (300 copies worldwide / 2xLP)
*PAPER038LP Slim Twig - "Derelict Dialect / Vernacular Violence" (300 copies worldwide)
*PAPER039LP Laura Barrett - "Victory Garden" (300 copies worldwide)
*PBRD1025LP Josh Reichmann Oracle Band - "Life is Legal EP" (300 copies worldwide)

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