Saber (sectoral currency)

Saber (sectoral currency)

The Saber (Spanish/Portuguese: knowledge) currency is a proposal [cite web | title=A Proposal for a Brazilian Education Complementary Currency | work=International Journal of Community Currency Research 2006, Volume 10|url=| accessmonthday=June 20 | accessyear=2007 (ISSN|1325-9547)] of an educational sectoral currency initially presented in Brazil. It would be handed out by the ministry of education. The currency is given for free to pupils, who can use it to buy education from older pupils.

The currency propagates from lower grades to higher grades in schools and finally propagates to universities where it is used to buy education from the state. At this point it is collected and returned to the ministry.

The duration the currency remains valid is limited in order to encourage fast propagation of the currency, and ensure that the number of students arriving in any university doesn't exceed the capacity to handle them.

In poor countries educational currencies can make educational efforts more feasible.


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