Sabre (disambiguation)

Sabre (disambiguation)

Sabre or Saber (see spelling differences) can refer to:
* weapons and weapon systems
** Sabre, a type of sword
** Sabre (fencing), a sporting sword
** Sabre (tank)
** F-86 Sabre and F-100 Super Sabre jet fighters
** SS-20 Saber, NATO designation for the RT-21M Pioneer missile
** Lightsaber, a weapon in the fictional world of "Star Wars"

* fictional characters
** Saber (Fate/Stay Night), an anime character
** Tekkaman Blade, an Evil Teknoman
* aircraft and rocket engines
** Napier Sabre aeroengine
** Reaction Engines SABRE, hybrid rocket engine
* companies
** Sabre (computer system), a reservations system owned by Sabre Holdings
** Sabre Holdings, an American travel technology company which runs an air travel reservations system by the same name
** Sabre Medical (previously called Sabre Safety), a firm
** TheSabre, website covering University of Virginia Cavaliers athletics; owned by SportsWar, LLC

it can also refer to:

* Saber (artist), Graffiti Artist
* "Sabre (graphic novel)", one of the first graphic novels
* Sabre Dance
* Sabre (dinghy), a class of sailing dinghy
* Saber (sectoral currency), used in Brazil's educational system
* Sabrewing
* Motorola Saber, a portable two-way radio
* Rebecca Saber, a female porn star
* Sabre Saw, a power tool
* Saber-Toothed Cat of the Ice Age and earlier time periods
* Buffalo Sabres, NHL hockey team
* Society for All British Road Enthusiasts - []

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