Mad may refer to:

* Anger
* Madness, the state of being irrational or suffering from mental illness
*"Mad (magazine)", an American humor magazine and its various spinoffs:
** "MADtv", a sketch comedy television series
** Mad Magazine Card Game
** The Mad Magazine Game
* Mad River, various rivers
* Mad (village), a village in the Dunajská Streda District of Slovakia
* Mad (band), a rock band from Buenos Aires, Argentina

MAD may be an acronym for:

* Mutual assured destruction, a doctrine of military strategy
* Madrid Barajas International Airport, the IATA airport code
* MAD TV (Greece), a Greek music channel
* MAD (poem), a poem by the World War I poet Wilfrid Wilson Gibson
* MAD Studio, an architectural firm
* MAD Movie, a Japanese fan-made video, much like an Anime Music Video. MAD can also describe the Japanese AMV community
* MAD programming language (short for Michigan Algorithm Decoder)
* MAD Multiply and Add in computer science, a low level instruction for the GPU
* Magnetic airborne detector
* Magnetic anomaly detector, a scientific instrument and anti-submarine warfare detection device
* Malevolent Agency of Destruction, a fictional evil organization led by Dr. Claw from the cartoon series Inspector Gadget
* Mandibular advancement device, an appliance worn in the mouth to treat obstructive sleep apnea or snoring
* Maximal areal density
* Mean absolute deviation, a statistical measure of variability
* Median absolute deviation, a statistical measure of variability, more resistant to outliers
* Mean absolute distance, a mathematical function
* Meg and Dia, American indie rock band
* Methodical Accelerator Design, Particle accelerator simulation tool
* Militärischer Abschirmdienst, the Military Counterintelligence division of the German Army
* Moroccan dirham, the ISO 4217 code for the currency of Morocco
* MPEG Audio Decoder, an audio decompression software
* Multi-wavelength anomalous dispersion, a technique used in X-ray crystallography
* Multiple Access Dialer, a dialer developed by Compuspec that can access a variety of telecom networks in case one service is not available
* Museum of Arts & Design, located in New York City

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