Jay Macpherson

Jay Macpherson

Jay Macpherson (born June 13 1931) is a Canadian lyric poet and scholar. She is a member of the so-called "mythopoeic school of poetry", which expresses serious philosophical issues through symbolic verse that is often comical and involves the use of myths. Macpherson also writes academic prose and protest songs.

Born in London, England, in 1940 her family emigrated to Newfoundland. She studied at Carleton University, McGill University, and the University of Toronto. In 1957, she won the Governor General's award for "The boatman" (1957), which remains her best-known collection of poetry. She taught English at the University of Toronto from 1957 until 1996.



* "Nineteen poems" (1952)
* "O Earth return" (1954)
* "The boatman" (1957)
* "Welcoming disaster: poems, 1970-74" (1975)
* "Poems twice told: The boatman and Welcoming disaster" (1981)


* "The Four Ages of Man: The Classical Myths" (1962)
* "The Spirit of Solitude: Conventions and Continuities in Late Romance" (1982)

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