Bomberman Jetters (video game)

Bomberman Jetters (video game)

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developer = Hudson Soft
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released = flagicon|Japan 2002-12-19
2004-01-29 (rerelease)
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genre = Action
modes = Single player, multiplayer
ratings = ESRB: Everyone
platforms = Nintendo GameCube, Playstation 2
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"Bomberman Jetters" is a video game for the Nintendo GameCube and PlayStation 2 systems, though only the GameCube version was released in America. [] [] It is an adaptation of the anime series "Bomberman Jetters" which was based on the Bomberman game series. This is the second Bomberman title licensed under Majesco Games. It was released in Japan in 2002 and in the United States in 2004. The Japanese version does not use cell-shading graphics like the North American version. Fact|date=June 2007

The opening theme to the Jetters Game uses Footage from the Japanese opening to the Jetters anime series, but the Japanese theme song" Boku wa Gakeppuchi" was replaced with an American rock music opening.


Mujoe and The Hige Hige Bandits, frustrated with Bomberman repeatedly stopping their plans at galactic conquest, enact a plan to do away with him and his kind forever; Dark Star, Mujoe's artificial comet, would be used and hurled straight into Bomberman's home world, Planet Bomber. The resulting collision would completely obliterate the planet and all who were still on it. Dark Star will hit the planet in under 24 hours, so Bomberman and Max are sent out to turn off the large engines propelling the comet through space, thereby stopping its flight-plan and again thwarting the Hige Hige Bandits.

Elemental Bombers/Bomber Shitennou

This group of five artificially created Bombers are mid-world bosses.

*Mermaid BomberThe Water element Bomber Shitennou. She is the mid-world boss of World 1. She initially attacks by swimming around and dropping fish bombs (Mermaid Bomb), and also sending out bubbles to carry bombs away while she sits on her rock between attacks (Aqua Bubble). When she is brought down to 2 hearts, she starts swimming at high speed and creating icicles in her wake. She is weak to Thunder Bombs.

*Thunder BomberThe Lightning element Bomber Shitennou. He is the mid-world boss of World 2. He attacks by sending arcs of electricity between the arena walls (Thunder Attack), and also by setting up electrical traps (Thunderbomb). When he is whittled down to 2 hearts, he starts bouncing off the walls at high speed in a triangle shape, leaving a wall of electricity behind him; he ends this attack by attempting to tackle Bomberman/Max. He is weak to Aqua Bombs.

*Flame BomberThe Fire element Bomber Shitennou. He is the mid-world boss of World 3. He attacks by spinning around with a flamethrower (Flame Fire), leaping up and striking the ground to spray fire in a circle (Fire Knuckle), and, once he is reduced to 2 hearts, occasionally creating illusionary copies of himself. Despite his "bomber" name, he actually does not seem to attack with bombs at all. He is weak to Ice Bombs.

*Grand BomberThe Earth element Bomber Shitennou. Whether or not his name is supposed to be "Ground Bomber" is a mystery. He is the mid-world boss of World 4. He attacks by rolling at high speed around the arena (Rolling Attack), spinning and shooting out his spikes (Needle Bomb), and charging straight at Bomberman/Max. At 2 hearts or less, he begins pounding the ground to make a big explosion (Earthquake). Strangely enough, he is weak to Hurricane Bombs.

*Dark Force BomberDark Force Bomber possesses all of the Bomber Shitennou's powers to a certain extent. His attacks were Dark Bubble (Mermaid Bomber's Aqua Bubble), Dark Thunder (Thunder Bomber's Thunder Attack), Dark Needle (Grand Bomber's Needle Bomb), and Dark Fire (Flame Bomber's Flame Fire). He could also get bigger, but he was reduced to trying to squash Bomberman and shooting the feathers on his wings while he was in giant mode.


Normal Mode

The actual game-play itself is different to an extent, compared to its predecessor, Bomberman Generation. Instead of playing as just Bomberman, players can switch between him and his partner Max, whose addition to the gameplay is the use of the Hyper Plasma Bomb to destroy certain walls and destroy all on screen enemies, which is also useful for some bosses. He cannot use Charaboms, as Bomberman can. You cannot pick a world to start from as in Generation, they must be played in order.

The Charabom usage is different from that in Generation. Instead of Pokémon-style battles to acquire them, they are either hidden in certain levels or held hostage by the Hige Hige Bandits or other enemies. Some have different effects than in the first game, and those effects are increased the stronger the Charabom becomes. Some charaboms are required to progress through a stage or collect hidden items. There are also about 16, versus the 18 seen in Generation (including hybrid Charaboms). However, unlike Generation, Charaboms can evolve, much like a Pokemon does. When a Charabom evolves, it's appearance changes, sometimes drastically, and it's ability may become stronger.

Attribute Bombs are again in use, though they have much different effects and can only be put down one at a time.

Battle Mode

Battle mode has also been improved from Generation. Instead of having only the four standard bombers, a variety of characters can be used and a few can be unlocked, such as mighty and mujoe. The handicaps in the game are also different. Instead of granting just hearts, the player can been given items on default.

Characters also have a super move type ability called the "hyper shot" which allows them to gain the upper hand on opponents by attacking them or gaining special abilities during the match. Your hyper bar must be full in order to use a hyper shot, and it can only be filled by laying bombs consistently. The gameplay modes are as follows

Standard Battle: Basic overhead battle in which the series is known for.

Battle one-two: players must press numbered switches in the order they flash to win the game. Only one player can do the process at a time, meaning the other players will have to neutralize him/her first before trying to pres the switches.

Battle for Balloms: Players must collect balloon enemies and drop them in any of the four open holes. Players can blow an opponent's collection up, decreasing his chances of winning. Also the more balloons you collect, the weight of the amount will slow you down.

Knock-out Battle: players have fully powered bombs, throws, punches, and kicks. The field has no destructible blocks and blasts can go through obstacles. The goal is to use bomb blasts to knock the other players off the arena.

After each game, players go through "Dig up bomber" where players must dig out power ups so they can have them for the next game.

Bomber Mansion

Players also have an arcade style mini-game in which they can access by dying at least once in normal mode. Similar to the arcade mode in Saturn Bomberman, the game lasts five stages and players can gain different ranks depending on how well they do.


Bomberman Jetters has been universally criticized for its voice-acting Fact|date=June 2007, character's personalities being altered (the character who received the biggest personality change in the game was Shout.) and gameplay being unimproved from Bomberman Generation. Max's inclusion in the game was considered a wasted improvement and the charabom system was slightly criticized for being an imitation of pokemon and for being required to get through some stages. However, as with its predecessor, it has won praise due to its multiplayer as many have stated it to "remain true to the formula".

In an episode of Judgement Day on G4, Tommy Tallarico also criticized the game for its voice acting. Fact|date=June 2007

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