The Heavenly Bodies

The Heavenly Bodies

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Chris Nelson
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disbanded= Prichard and Lane - 1993
Prichard and Del Ray -1996
DeNucci and Nelson - (semi-)Active
promotions= ECW

The Heavenly Bodies was a professional wrestling tag team famous for having worked in Smoky Mountain Wrestling, the World Wrestling Federation, and various independent promotions. Over the years there have been different variations of the team, which has at different times consisted of "Doctor" Tom Prichard, "Sweet" Stan Lane, and "Gigolo" Jimmy Del Ray and was led by former Midnight Express manager Jim Cornette.


Prichard and Lane

In 1992, veteran wrestlers Tom Prichard and Stan Lane first formed The Heavenly Bodies in Smoky Mountain Wrestling (SMW). Managed by Jim Cornette, Prichard and Lane became the first ever SMW Tag Team Champions.

During their tenure in SMW, The Heavenly Bodies had long running feuds with the likes of the new The Fantastics (Bobby Fulton & Jackie Fulton) and The Rock 'n' Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson). Their feuds were often highlighted with hardcore matches and numerous title changes.

Prichard and Del Ray

In 1993, "Gigolo" Jimmy Del Ray replaced Lane following his departure from the team. Over the next few years the new duo competed not only in SMW, but in the The World Wrestling Federation (WWF), Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW), and United States Wrestling Association (USWA), continuing their feud with The Rock 'n' Roll Express as well as starting new ones with The Steiner Brothers (Rick & Scott Steiner), and The Smokin' Gunns (Bart & Billy Gunn).

In 1993, SMW's unique cross-promotional deal with the WWF than the WCW allowed The Heavenly Bodies and The Rock 'n' Roll Express to wrestle on the two competitor's pay-per-view shows. [cite news | author = PWI Staff | title = Pro Wrestling Illustrated presents: 2007 Wrestling almanac & book of facts | work = "Wrestling’s historical cards" | publisher = Kappa Publishing | date = 2007 | pages = 138 | language = English] [cite news | author = PWI Staff | title = Pro Wrestling Illustrated presents: 2007 Wrestling almanac & book of facts | work = "Wrestling’s historical cards" | publisher = Kappa Publishing | date = 2007 | pages = 91-92 | language = English] First, in February 1993, the Bodies were defeated by their rivals on WCW's "SuperBrawl" pay-per-view. Nine months later, The Bodies defeated The Rock 'n' Roll Express for the SMW Tag Team Championship on WWF's "Survivor Series" show. [cite web |url= |title=WWE Official Survivor Series 1993 Results |accessdate=2006-12-30]

In 1995, The Bodies defeated PG-13 (JC-Ice & Wolfie D) to capture the USWA Tag Team Championship. Later in the year, Prichard and Del Ray also competed in ECW, aligning themselves with Raven (see Raven's Nest) to face off against The Public Enemy (Rocco Rock & Johnny Grunge). Following the 1996 closure of SMW, The Heavenly Bodies disbanded. Prichard joined the WWF as Zip of The Bodydonnas while Del Ray competed on the independent circuit.

DeNucci and Nelson

A new Heavenly Bodies team began to compete on the independent circuit around 2000. The "New" Heavenly Bodies, comprised of "Vivacious" Vito DeNucci and "Casanova" Chris Nelson captured the NWA World Tag Team Championship three times, and on occasion, "Gigolo" Jimmy Del Ray serve as their manager. [cite web |url= |title=RFVideo-"AJ Styles Wrestling War", with Del Ray as manager|accessdate=2006-12-27] DeNucci and Nelson once were the longest reigning NWA World Tag Team champions, but have since been surpassed by America's Most Wanted. DeNucci has since retired and the team has mostly disbanded. The duo occasionally appear on various independent wrestling shows. The Team also wrestled in IPW as Drunk and Disorderly, on top of holding the NWA World Tag Team Championships 3 times, they have also held the IPW Tag Team Championships among others, the team in many ways more of a success than the Original Heavenly Bodies.

ignature moves

Prichard and Del Ray
*Prichard holds the opponent in place before Del Ray hits a moonsault body press
*Double flapjack
*Del Ray lifts the opponent into the air and into the arms of Prichard, who is on the second turnbuckle and hits a flying powerslam
*Del Ray is lifted over Prichard's shoulder and lands on a fallen opponent with a moonsault

Championships and accomplishments

*Prichard and Lane:*Smoky Mountain Wrestling::*SMW Tag Team Champions (5 Times) (First)
*Prichard and Del Ray:*Smoky Mountain Wrestling::* SMW Tag Team Champions (3 Times) (Last):*United States Wrestling Association::* USWA Tag Team Champions (1 Time)
*DeNucci and Nelson:*National Wrestling Alliance::*NWA World Tag Team Champions (3 Times)


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