Key (comics)

Key (comics)


caption=The Key, with Batman
art by Brian Bolland
character_name=The Key
publisher=DC Comics
debut= (I)"All Star Comics" #57, 1951
(II) "Justice League of America" #41 (December 1965)
creators=(I) John Broome (script), Frank Giacoia (art)
(II) Gardner Fox (script), Mike Sekowsky (art)
alliances=Injustice League Intergang Society
powers= (II) Increased Number of Senses, Psycho-Chemicals|

The Key is the name of two fictional supervillains in the DC Comics universe.

Golden Age Key

The Golden Age Key's sole appearance is in 1951's "All Star Comics" #57, which features the last Golden Age appearance of the Justice Society of America. In this story, the Key is the head of a major crime syndicate, and uses various agents around the world in his misdeeds. While escaping from the Justice Society in a cable car moving over a gorge, the Key leaps out to avoid capture by the JSA, presumably falling to his death (as this version of the Key hasn't been seen since).

Modern Age Key

The second Key debuted in "Justice League of America" #41 (December 1965). Originally a chemist with Intergang, the man who would be known as the Key develops mind-expanding "psycho-chemicals" that activate his ten senses and help him plan crimes mere humans can never hope to understand. Armed with these plans, a series of henchmen known as the "Key-Men", and a "key blaster", the Key has several failed run-ins with the JLA.

The Key returns in "JLA" #8 (August 1997), after spending years in hibernation. The psycho-chemicals he has been ingesting have altered his appearance into a pale, cadaverous form, and heightened his mental abilities. He manages to infiltrate the JLA headquarters, and traps the team in a fantasy realm of their own creation, intending to siphon off the energies of their inevitable victory in order to increase his power. He almost succeeds if not for the intervention of Connor Hawke, who beams up to the JLA headquarters while the Key is present due to a pre-arranged meeting to discuss him becoming a member of the League. He eventually returns to fight the Batman, attempting to provoke the Dark Knight into murdering him so he could escape life itself, but the plan proves unsuccessful.

In the aftermath of the "World without a Justice League" storyline (JLA, #120-#125) when the Justice League is disassembled, the Key, now with telepathic powers thanks to a cybernetic implant, tries to destroy the League. After a long battle with Batman, Green Arrow, Black Canary, and Manitou Dawn, he is beaten and sent to "the dream realm", a place for telepaths, where he can think in peace. He somehow escapes, as he is later seen fighting in the Battle of Metropolis.

Most recently, he has been seen among the new Injustice League. He appeared in Justice League of America #17, as leader of a group of villains seeking to avoid being sent to the prison planet.

He can seen as the member of Libra's Secret Society of Super Villains.

Powers and abilities

Orginaly The Key carries a blaster in the shape of a key.

The Key’s psycho-chemicals have allowed him to access the 90% of the human brain that is untapped. This has increased his intelligence vastly and expanded his range of senses. He has created a programmable psycho-virus that initiates a dream like flu. The flu takes over the Central Nervous System and allows the Key to produce structured hallucinations. He is then able to steal the energy from the minds of the infected person.

The Key has several robot servants that he uses to perform tasks for him. The androids have some resistance to physical attack and have offensive capabilities too.

Appearances in other media


In "Justice League Unlimited", Key (voiced by Corey Burton) is seen as a member of the Secret Society. His skills seem more oriented to penetrating secure areas with a key shaped gun that can easily open doors as well as mundane ballistic means. In a commentary, it was said that he was originally going to be possessed by, or be connected to, Brainiac, and play an important role in the season finale.Justice League Unlimited Season Two, commentary on "Alive"] However, he was dropped in favor of a resurrected Darkseid. In the finale, he sided against Lex Luthor and was subsequently frozen by Killer Frost.

Justice League: The New Frontier

Key makes an appearance in the animated film "".

Video games

The Key is a villain featured in the video game "Justice League Heroes" voiced by Carlos Alazraqui.


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