Oxford History of the French Revolution

Oxford History of the French Revolution

The Oxford History of the French Revolution is a one-volume revisionist history of the French Revolution written by William Doyle and first published by Oxford University Press in 1988.


  1. "France under Louis XVI"
  2. "Enlightened Opinion"
  3. "Crisis and Collapse, 1776-1788"
  4. "The Estates-General, September 1788-July 1789"
  5. "The Principles of 1789 and the Reform of France"
  6. "The Breakdown of Revolutionary Consensus, 1790-1791"
  7. "Europe and the Revolution, 1788-1791"
  8. "The Republican Revolution, October 1791-January 1793"
  9. "War Against Europe, 1792-1797"
  10. "The Revolt of the Provinces"
  11. "Government by Terror, 1793-1794"
  12. "Thermidor, 1794-1795"
  13. "Counter-Revolution, 1789-1795"
  14. "The Directory, 1795-1799"
  15. "Occupied Europe, 1794-1799"
  16. "An End to Revolution, 1799-1802"
  17. "The Revolution in Perspective"
  18. "Appendix I: Chronology of the French Revolution"
  19. "Appendix II: The Revolutionary Calendar"

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