Glide FM

Glide FM
Glide FM
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Broadcast area Oxford
Slogan "You'll Feel Every Song"
Frequency 107.9 MHz and online [5]
First air date 18 August 2010
Format Contemporary
Audience share 0.5% (August 2011, [6])
Owner Passion Radio (Oxford) Limited, part of ARI Consultancy (Absolute Radio International Consultancy)

Glide FM 107.9 is an Independent Local Radio station broadcasting in Oxfordshire, United Kingdom on FM, and online. It is aimed at "under 30 professionals" with a "female skew", and is a music-heavy station with only limited speech and seven hours per week of specialist music (fulfilled by a nightly "chillout" show) as required by Ofcom.[1] Glide FM competes with Heart Thames Valley, BBC Oxford and sister station Jack FM Oxfordshire in Oxfordshire.

Previously known under a variety of names (see history), most recently Oxford's FM 107.9, the station launched in its current incarnation on 18 August 2010 following a publicity stunt playing only songs from the TV series Glee.[2]



The logo of Oxford's FM 107.9

The origins of the station lie in a student radio station, Oxygen 107.9 which was acquired in late 2000 by Fusion Radio Holdings, which rebranded the station as Fusion 107.9.[3] Fusion merged with the Milestone Group in 2003[4] and the station was relaunched as Passion 107.9 (and is still legally known as Passion Radio), but was sold to Absolute Radio International [5] in 2006. The station is based at 270 Woodstock Road in north Oxford, formerly the site of Six TV - The Oxford Channel and shared with Jack FM Oxfordshire.

Publicity Stunts

In September 2006, former Big Brother contestant Eugene Sully (who also worked for the Sussex-based station Passion Radio) 'took over' the airwaves and played The Muppets' 'Mahna Mahna' non-stop for six hours until Passion FM managers came round to his way of thinking that better music was played on the station, and to be hired as a chief engineer there. This was supposedly a stunt to highlight the relaunch of the station.[6]

On 16 August 2010 the station became Glee FM, playing only music from the US TV series, Glee.[7] The stunt attracted media attention from across the country and even in America, with stories appearing on Digital Spy,[8] Sky News,[9] The New York Post[10] and even "celebrity blogger" Perez Hilton noting the station's launch.[11] For "legal reasons" the station ceased broadcasting at 5pm on 18 August, relaunching as Glide FM shortly afterwards[12].

Proposed rebrand

In February 2010, the station's owners lodged a request with Ofcom to change the station's format to one for over 45-year-olds.[13] The station argued the "transient" nature of students makes it commercially difficult to market a radio station to an audience that leaves the city each year.[14] Several fans of late night "specialist" shows responded to Ofcom's public consultation as well as local business owners. Ofcom considered this, but the Radio Licensing Committee has rejected this proposal.[15] The station responded by saying that changes it had made meant the format change had become less necessary.[16]


Won while under the branding of FM107.9.

  • Finalist: Rising Star Award - 2009 Sony Awards
  • Finalist: Best Newcomer - 2009 Arqiva Awards
  • Finalist: Best Speech Programme - Girls Talk 2008 Sony Awards

Present DJs

  • Sophie Law (Glide's Morning Glory Breakfast Show)
  • Joe O'Neill (voicetracked Drive time The Glide Home show and "Chillout" Glide Chilled show)
  • Rosie Tratt (freelance presenter and news)

Past DJs

  • Ali Marchant (left March 2010)
  • Sarah Clarke (Weekend presenter)
  • Mark Devlin (specialist show presenter)
  • Kid Fury (specialist show presenter)
  • James Ussher (specialist show presenter)
  • Thom Weller (specialist show presenter)
  • Spex (specialist show presenter)
  • Keith T (Keith Thomson) (specialist show presenter)


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