Ordinary Boy (novel series)

Ordinary Boy (novel series)
The Extraordinary Adventures of Ordinary Boy
The Hero Revealed
The Return of Meteor Boy?
The Great Powers Outage
Author William Boniface
Illustrator Stephan Gilpin
Cover artist Stephan Gilpin
Country United States
Language English
Genre Fiction
Publisher HarperCollins Publishers
Published 2006
Media type Print (hardback)

Ordinary Boy is a series of children's novels written by William Boniface. It follows the adventures of a kid named Ordinary Boy, who lacks superpowers, and his friends who live in a city full of superheroes called Superopolis.



Book 1: The Hero Revealed (ISBN 978-0060774660) - Ordinary Boy and his friends are on a hunt to collect all sixty-four Amazing Indestructo cards, the latest collector product of the Amazing Indestructo, whom O Boy idolizes. Ordinary Boy and the Junior Leaguers manage to find all the cards but one, Professor Brain Drain. And the mad scientist himself is on the loose. Using the clues given by the Tycoon, The Junior Leaguers set out to find one of the three existing Prof. Brain Drain's card and stop his plan as well. However, O Boy also figures out his hero may not be what he seems to be. He later finds out his greatest super hero might turn out to be the worst hero in the city

Book 2: The Return of Meteor Boy? (ISBN 978-0060774677) - 25 years ago, a young superhero named Meteor Boy vanished on a dangerous mission. Ordinary Boy decides to figure out what really happened to him and Prof. Brain Drain's new plan.

Book 3: The Great Powers Outage (ISBN 978-0060774707) - Everyone in Superopolis begin turning their back on Dr. Telomere's crispy potato chips for AI's new Pseudo-chips. Also, citizens were losing their superpowers as well. It's up to Ordinary Boy to figure out this mystery. This book also introduces the Red Menace.


The Junior Leaguers

Ordinary Boy- A boy who is supposedly born without super powers. He is the son of heroes Thermo and SnowFlake. It is said in the third book that he might have super powers after he talks with Dr. Telomere. He is the protagonist of the story and a member of the Junior Leaguers. Not having powers, he focuses more on intelligence making himself smarter than most people in Superopolis.

Stench- Ordinary Boy's best friend. He possesses super strength. Unfortunately his powers have a side effect making his smell super strong hence the name Stench. He is a member of the Junior Leaguers. He is a great person who is loyal to his friends.

Tadpole - Another member of the Junior Leaguers who has a 20 ft long tongue that he can fully manipulate. He has a very aggressive nature and will do anything for his friends

Halogen Boy - A blonde-haired hero with the power to make himself lit up like a firefly, as long as he has an abundant supply of apple juice. Unfortunately he's not so bright, but he is still a major part of the Junior Leaguers. His costume is made up of mesh (with the exception of cape and boots) that allows his light to shine through.

Plasma Girl - The lone girl member of the Junior Leaguers, she possesses the power to transform into a blob of plasma. In this form she can move and squeeze through the tightest of cracks. She is usually the voice of reason when all of the boys plan to do something reckless, making her a necessity to the team.

Ordinary Boy's classmates

Cannonball - The son of the Big Bouncer and nephew of the Crimson Creampuff, Cannonball is in Ordinary Boy's class and is enemies with almost every kid in the class. His power is to charge himself at someone with incredible speed. He is round and fat and has bullied Halogen Boy, Melonhead, and even his own best friend Lobster Boy.

Melonhead - Another classmate of Ordinary Boy, Melonhead is said to be the most annoying kid in the class. His power is to fire a barrage of watermelon seeds that are sticky with melon juice. He was Ordinary Boy's science fair partner and ran for class president. He has a big ego and is confident that he has a great power and is the greatest person in Superopolis.

Lobster Boy - Cannonball's best friend, even though he has been bullied several times by him. His power is his red claws like a lobster's. He was one of the first people to lose his power in the third book.

Transparent Girl - A girl who runs against Ordinary Boy as class treasurer. Her power is to be invisible except you can see the outline of her body, similar to the Sneak. We see that she has a mean personality when she keeps framing Ordinary Boy in the third book of ridiculous things that he didn't do. She is also said to be very pretty when she loses her power.

Foggybottom - Has the ability to create fog from his anus.

The Spore - A classmate of Ordinary Boy. Has the ability to generate mold and fungus from his body.

Sparkplug has the ability to generate force fields around himself. Cannonball chose him for his dodgeball team.

The Banshee is a girl who really has a loud-piercing voice. In book 1, she gave $100 to the Sneak for a Professor Brain-Drain card, reducing her allowance to a dime.

Limber Lass is a girl who is able to stretch her limbs. She was on Stench's dodgeball team.

The Quake is a large sized classmate of Ordinary Boy. Her power is being able to knock anyone down off their feet.

Puddle Boy – Son of Weatherman, a member of the League of Ultimate Goodness who quit probably because he found the inside story on AI. Puddle Boy is in Ordinary Boy's class. His power is to leave a puddle of some unknown liquid at his feet.

The Human Sponge is a girl whose head is shaped like a sponge, thus able to absorb anything around her. On a few occasions, she would slip on Puddle Boy's puddle and absorb it.

Little Miss Bubbles – She is a classmate of Ordinary Boy, and is Plasma Girl's best friend. Her power is to shoot bubbles from her hands.

Somnia is a girl who is in Ordinary Boy's class. Her power is to put anyone (and herself) asleep. She is introduced in Book 3.

The New Crusaders/The New New Crusaders

Thermo- Ordinary Boy's hot-headed, hotshot father. His powers are the ability to make his hands become unbelievably hot. He is not in full control so he tends not to touch people as much. He was the leader of the superhero group the New Crusaders and is married to Snowflake. In his early days as a super hero he was a Casanova of the city. He yearns to join the League of Ultimate Goodness and even quit his job for it.

Snowflake - The mother of Ordinary Boy and wife of Thermo, she has the ability to freeze things through her ice glare. She is a cool-headed person who likes the think things through, unlike her husband. She was a member of the New Crusaders and currently works at Corpsicle.

Windbag- Stench's father, a former member of the New Crusaders, now an owner of a junkyard and a member of the New New Crusaders. Has the power of super-breath, to create huge gusts of wind.

The Levitator- A former member of the New Crusaders, now of the New New Crusaders. In the first book he works as a delivery man, however the Li'l Hero's Handbook says he's a dietician, making people light-weight with his levitation powers.

Chrysanthemum- A former member of the New Crusaders in her youth, now married to Windbag, and is Stench and Fuzzboy's mother. Her name might refer to her power-either plant life control, or creating a good scent (as opposed to her son).

The Big Bouncer- A former member of the New Crusaders, now of the New New Crusaders. Cannonball's Father, his power is to roll and bounce around like a huge bouncy ball. The Crimson Creampuff is his brother. Works in the Mighty Mart.

Watson Elementary Authorities

Miss Marble – She is Ordinary Boy's teacher, and always cranky. Her power is to make a person into a marble statue just by staring at them. She only makes her class paralyzed when they're really loud. One side effect is that it only works for a couple of minutes.

Principal Doppelganger - As the principal of Watson Elementary, he often wears a cape and fedora, making his body and face hidden. Before it was revealed who he was, students were on their guard around him, because they didn't know what powers he had. In his younger days, he was known as Invisiboy who has the ability to shrink to the size of a speck.

(Coach) Inflato - He's the gym teacher of Watson Elementary. His power is to pump himself up to enormous portions, depending on how much air he can hold.

The League of Ultimate Goodness

The Amazing Indestructo - A narcissistic hero, who, as his name states, is indestructible. Though he has one of the best powers any citizen of Superopolis has ever had, mentally he's a wreck. Simply stating his failures will cause him to break down and cry. Once Ordinary Boy does this in book 1 he loses all respect for this hero. AI also wears a jet pack that enables him to fly.

The Crimson Creampuff- BB's brother, a member of the League of Ultimate Goodness (LUG). His power is his stomach, which is like a giant squishy cream puff, and is good for soft landings.

Whistlin' Dixie- A member of LUG. Her power is to whistle every tune perfectly.

Mannequin- Has the ability to detach her limbs. Is a member of LUG, and the number one publicity expert in LUG. Has a French accent and is apparently beautiful.

Spaghetti Man- A member of LUG, can fire weak noodles out of his hands and has an Italian accent.

The Human Compass- A member of LUG. As his name suggests, he has all the powers of a compass.

Major Bummer - The most depressing member of LUG who has a huge bottom.

Moleman - He is able to dig around like a mole, hence his name.

Featherweight - As in his name, he weighs as much as a feather. He was introduced in Book 3.

Cap'n Blowhole - A member of LUG who is able to shoot water out of his head like a whale.

League of Goodness

Lord Pincushion- Former Leader of the League of Goodness(LG), sole heir to the Pinprick manor and fortune. Meteor Boy saved him from bankruptcy 25 years ago by introducing him to AI and his scheming money-making plans with Tycoon. He, as his name suggests, is a human pincushion, and is unaffected by all sharp objects-they get stuck in his body thus, carries a collection of sharp objects, always.

The Animator- Former member of the League of Goodness and a retired friend of Lord Pincushion. He lives in Pinprick Manor. His power is to animate inanimate objects. Animating dead people takes him energy.

The Bee Lady- She's a former member of the League of Goodness and currently makes toys for AI Industries. Bee Lady was well known for being the fist female superhero in a superhero group. She has a beehive on her head and gets around on a scooter. Her power is to control bees.

MagnoBox- Former member of the League of Goodness. Lives in a retirement home. Has a tv for a head. He has the ability to broadcast real time events occurring at any location.

Zephyr- Former member of the League of Goodness. He's currently deceased. He was able to control the wind. Funnel Boy was his sidekick.

Other Heroes

Fuzz Boy – He is the older brother of Stench, and usually crashes the Junior Leaguers meetings. His power is to grow hair on anything he touches. The hair only lasts for a few hours. He likes to prank Stench by growing mustaches on him. He always has really long hair. He likes to make money by growing beards or mustaches on his friends to get into older movies.

Mr. Mister is the grumpy manager of Mighty Mart who's able to create mist around himself. He's often annoyed by Thermo's and Ordinary Boy's activities.

Inkblot - Works at a newsstand in Mount Reliable; Has the ability to propel ink from himself.

Fly Guy - the owner of Aunty Penny's Arcade who has eyes like of a fly's. He rigged the games to make it impossible to win them.

Argus- Father of Melonhead. Has a head of a potato, which is covered in the eyes you find on a potato.

Tycoon- President of AI Industries. His power is to make money.

Captain Radio- One of the greatest heroes ever who possessed all the powers of a radio waves: broadcast over them, pick up them, and instantly travel by them. He lost his reputation when the Red Menace used him for his scheme, making Captain Radio a bitter man till his death. Ordinary Boy and the Animator revived him in order to give him another chance to redeem himself by stopping the Red Menace's current plan.

Dr. Telomere- Creator of Lil` Heroes Handbook. He can live for a very long time (currently 273 years old). He doesn't consider himself immortal yet as he would have to live forever to be. Usually, everyone thought of him as a marketing cartoon character.

Mayor Whitewash- Mayor of Superopolis and son of the Red Menace. He's able to make people agree with him.

Bleach- Wife of Mayor Whitewash. Can turn her body completely white.

Slaphappy- Nurse at the Superopolis Hospital. If she slaps you, then you will start to laugh and get happy.

Frost- Twin brother of Snowflake and OB's uncle. Can cool the air around him. Changes jobs a lot. His latest job was ice cream selling business with very strange and unpopular flavors. The Spore was his only customer.

Gore is a velociraptor that has been brought to the present by the Time Tipler while transporting the misplaced Superopolis in the right time. It was decided that the raptor was to be placed in the zoo. When the citizens of Superopolis begin rejecting Telomere's crispy potato chips for the bland-flavored Pseudo chips, the potato chips were used as food for animals, making some of them gain superpowers. Gore gained the ability to speak and communicate with other species.

Meteor Boy- a young superhero missing in action for 25 years. He had the ability to fly really fast, thanks to his jetpack. It was revealed in Book 2 that Meteor Boy was flung 25 years into the future by Professor Brain Drain and his Time Tipler.

Major Villains

Professor Brain Drain- The antagonist of the series. He wears a colander on his head. He has the power to drain people of their intelligence by touching their foreheads. He is also known as Crispo, a talented artist. His disguise involves a multi-stained coat and a shower cap. Much to O Boy's surprise, the citizens of Superopolis are fooled by it.

The Multiplier- A super-villain with the power to multiply objects. His power has two drawbacks. The first is it takes a long time for him to multiply objects. The second is that his power only works on small objects. For example, if he attempted to multiply a car he would get a motor or muffler. Professor Brain-Drain once increased the Multiplier's power with the Oomplifier, allowing him to multiply things faster.

The Deadly Dumbots - Rather than dumb robots, they're six actors or auditioners of Prof. Brain Drain in AI's TV show. The mad scientist himself drained the intelligence out of them and made them his henchmen.

The Red Menace - A super-villain who can make people do things he wants. His main aim was to make everyone the same by "removing" their powers. There were few who could resist his control such as Ordinary Boy and Lord Pincushion.

Cyclotron - A super-villain who can whip tornado-like winds. His main goal was to humiliate the Amazing Indestructo. It turned out he wasn't a villain as he planned to stop Brain Drain. It is later revealed that he was once Funnel Boy, a sidekick of Zephyr of the League of Goodness.

The Sneak- A shady figure, who has the ability to camouflage with anything, similar to a chameleon. He worked for Professor Brain Drain in the first book.

Stickyfingers- A villain that looks like a mummy. His power is that anything can automatically stick to his hands and fingers.

The Commune for Justice

Bliss- Member of The Commune for Justice. Can make the people around him happy and peaceful. Carries a ukulele at all times.

SkyDiamond- Member of The Commune for Justice. His body made of glass facets, when hit by sunlight he can create duplicates of himself. Wears a poncho and sombrero when he's not fighting.

Rainbow Rider- Member of The Commune for Justice. She can manipulate rainbows and make them solid.

Aquarius- Member of The Commune for Justice. Can make water appear out of nowhere and control it.

Hammer- Member of The Commune for Justice. Has super giant fists which he whacks stuff with.


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