Opposition to democracy

Opposition to democracy
See also Criticism of democracy

Opposition to democracy refers to the resistance of governments and promoters of non-democratic concepts, to democracy, its reforms, and its implementation.

Democracy in modern times has almost always faced opposition from the existing government. The implementation of a democratic government within a non-democratic state is typically brought about by democratic revolution. Monarchy had traditionally been opposed to democracy, and to this day remains opposed to its abolition, although often political compromise has been reached in the form of shared government.

Currently, opposition to democracy exists in communist states, absolute monarchies, and Islamic governments, which have various reasons for opposing the implementation of democracy or democratic reforms.


Monarchies have traditionally rejected democratic reforms, as this would mean seceding from the throne. The British Empire rejected the United States declaration of independence on the grounds that it violated the sovereignty of the British crown. Since then, the British Empire has largely changed to a constitutional monarchy government, with elections held to determine the next Prime Minister, while the Queen and her royal family merely serve as figureheads.

Islamic governments

While certain governments in the Muslim world are to a certain extent democratic, a number of democratic concepts are opposed by Islamic religious scholars and religious authorities. For democracy to exist in an Islamic society, a balance has to be found which is politically feasible given the wide support for Islamic religious concepts.

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