List of Ultraman Taro monsters

List of Ultraman Taro monsters

This is a list of monsters in the Ultraman Taro Series.


Oil Drinker


Tigris Flower was a plant from space whose seed arrived on Earth over a hundred years ago. Right at the end of the second age of aliens the seed was planted by a local boxer named Kohtaro Higashi. At the dusk of the day Oil Drinker appeared on land Tigris Flower began to emit pollen from its flower that knocked Kohtaro out and would have eaten him if ZAT had not found him. Within minutes, Tigris Flower formed into his adult form of Astromons. Astromons was originally a tiny flower, planted by Hohtaro Higashi. It was not long until the plant began to grow even larger than Kohtaro himself. ZAT soon arrived, weapons drawn. They burned the patch of flowers, but woke Kohtaro Higashi up. He quickly got into a fight with one of the members, but just then, the monster called Oil Drinker, who was the last of the original Chouju, rose from the depths of the sea and began to attack. When ZAT attacked Oil Drinker, the ground began to quake. By burning the flowers, ZAT had awoken Astromons, a Super Chouju, who battled with Oil Drinker. It didn't take long for the massive plant to eat the creature when its head got stuck in his massive flower chest. Astromons took to the air, but Kohtaro had jumped on its foot, biting its foot. Astrmons, annoyed, kicked his foot, tossing Kohtaro. Luckily for him he fell on a massive tent and rolled off onto the ground. For his bravery, Kohtrao became a member of ZAT. And just then, Astromons attacked once again. The team attacked, including Kohtaro who piloted one of the advanced planes. Astromons reached the ZAT base, and while trying to attack it, Kohtaro's plane was hit, and sent crashing into the ground. Moved by this man's courage, the Ultra Brothers and Ultra Mother granted him a new life. The female hero placed her latest son, Ultraman Taro, into Kohtaro. Not a second later, Ultraman Taro attacked Astromons. Taro attacked with many pounches and kicks, until Astromons struck back with his acidic mist, allowing him to get multiple hits in. But Taro managed to use the Storium Ray, and the massive plant monster was destroyed for good.

Cosmo Liquid

A merciless man-eating kaiju, Cosmos Liquid made its grand entrance in a mountain region of Japan where it fed on several people. Kohtaroh saw it from a distance and fired on it, but bye the time he and another Z.A.T member got to the spot the creature was standing, there was no trace of it or the weapon. Not long after, Cosmos Liquid made its new home in one of Japan’s cities, existing in the water of a flowing river! After a young boy found the weapon, Z.A.T knew exactly where to strike and how. They charged the river with electricity, forcing the creature to take its true form!

It was met with massive amounts of punishment from the forces, but wasn’t going down. Kohtaroh soon called upon the might of Ultraman Taroh yet again, and the battle was on. As the fight raged, Cosmos Liquid’s foot got stuck in Live King’s pit. He quickly reduced himself to liquid form and was sucked inside the underground Live King’s body! He was thought to be dead, but he would make a daring return!

Not long afterward, Kohtaroh got sucked into the pit. His movements inside made the monster reveal itself and his transmissions let the rest of Z.A.T know where he was. A plan was put underway to force whatever the creature had devoured out last was put into effect and its body was punctured with a spear-like weapon that sprayed out Cosmos Liquid in its green, liquid state.

He was back and with a vengeance! Angry at this thing eating him, the monster reformed and attacked, bludgeoning him with fists of fury! Yet, Live King wouldn’t fall, instead it only kept laughing! The fight grew out of hand fast, but when it was revealed that there could be a possibility of saving Kohtaroh from Live King by making it sneeze, a dust-like spray was dropped from the sky by one of the planes.

Both Live King and Cosmo Liquid began sneezing and soon Live King spewed forth Kohtaroh from its nose. Back in action, he quickly transformed into Ultraman Taroh where both kaiju quickly attacked him. As his time ran out, he fired his Ultra Freezer Beam, freezing both kaiju solid! Cosmos Liquid was then shattered and permanently destroyed when one of the Z.A.T aircraft smashed its frozen body with a spiked wrecking ball!

Live King

Taking up residence under the ground near a river in a Japanese city, Live King slept peacefully until the attacking Cosmos Liquid stepped into its hole and turned into a liquid state, thus being eaten. This didn’t seem to faze the giant all that much until Kohtaroh also fell into the hole the following day. His movements inside his body disturbed him, awakening the creature. It was no normal kaiju, it laughed instead of roaring and seemed more preoccupied in just having a good time rather than causing non-stop damage. Its antics, however, did cause destruction. When the rest of Z.A.T was told by Kohtaroh where he was via radio, they tried to free him.

A plan was put underway to force whatever the creature had devoured out last was put into effect and its body was punctured with a spear-like weapon that sprayed out Cosmos Liquid in its green, liquid state. The man-eating kaiju was back and angrier than ever about being eaten. He attacked Live King, pummeling him with hit after hit, but Live King proved durable. Even as he laughed and carried on, he unleashed streams of fire!

The fight grew out of hand fast, but when it was revealed that there could be a possibility of saving Kohtaroh from Live King by making it sneeze, a dust-like spray was dropped from the sky by one of the planes. Within seconds, Kohtaroh was free and quickly transformed into Ultraman Taroh! The two monsters set their sites on him and attacked ruthlessly.

As his time ran out, he fired his Ultra Freezer Beam, freezing both kaiju solid! Cosmos Liquid was then shattered and permanently destroyed when one of the Z.A.T aircraft smashed its frozen body with a spiked wrecking ball! Live King, however, was shattered by the giant’s Storium Ray. Despite being blown to pieces, Live King wasn’t dead…

He reappeared, his body reforming, in the countryside. Z.A.T attacked, but not even their strongest weapon could stop the laughing juggernaut. Worse yet, when Live King finally did fall down, he fell on top of Kohtaroh, pinning him between the ground and its rubbery flesh. All seemed lost, but another great being was coming: The Ultra Mother!

She arrived to save her latest son. Pushing Live King off the human, she allowed Kohtaroh to transform. She watched on as the newest Ultraman fought against the creature and brought it down. Just before he fired the Storium Ray, he realized it could just reform again. He instead decided to lift it off and take into space, but he didn’t have the required strength to lift such a beast alone.

His mother then helped yet again. She and her son carried the creature into space where they both fired their beams, destroying Live King once and for all!

King Tortoise

The mate of Queen Tortoise, King Tortoise wanted nothing more than to sire a family in peace on their island. King Tortoise watched on as his mate swam ashore to lay their brood. However, his mate was soon captured, calling King Tortoise to rise from the ocean to protect his family, but the poachers specialized weapons rendered the massive sea monster unconscious. Later, the Queen Tortoise was taken captive as well as their eggs and lead away, but her mate wasn’t far behind, waiting for the chance to liberate his family. As ZAT attacked Queen Tortoise, her mate came and freed her from her bonds, the two fleeing to come back for their revenge on those who had so terribly wronged them, including the spilling of their unborn children’s blood. The two enraged parents chased down two of the poachers who stole their offspring, crushing their car and scaring them half to death. Later, the male monster attacked a ship at sea carrying several of the poached, attacking with unrelenting fury and destroying it with organic bombs, killing all on board. King Tortoise was soon called by his mate to save her from Taro, quickly aiding her by bombing Taro from the sky. Taro used the Stormium Ray to shoot him down. But the two kaiju had a trick up their sleeves and both spun rapidly, trapping Taro in an energy tornado! The Ultra was completely helpless before their attack, soon forcing him into full retreat. The two monster then took their revenge on two more of the poachers, killing them. The two monsters left back to their island, their vengeance done, the two retrieved their eggs and began to nest again. ZAT, wanting nothing more than to help the kaiju retrieve their offspring, put the eggs in a huge basket for them to carry home. ZAT took the eggs back to the island, the twin giants in toe. However, once the two were sitting on their island in peace, the military double-crossed them and attacked, destroying all but one of their eggs! Queen Tortoise took the egg in her mouth and the two soon sunk with their island. While believed dead, the two were madder than ever and would have their vengeance. After Queen Tortoise was unfortunately killed, King Tortoise came to claim their last child and avenge his mate, assaulting Taro with unrelenting fury after letting Mini Tortoise climb on his back. Once Taro was down, King Tortoise let his daughter down and grew her to giant size. The two beat down Taro, who refused to fight back, instead taking Queen Tortoise’s body and leaving with it into space, leading the two. King Tortoise tried to get his daughter to fly, but she was just a baby and too young, and now too large to be able to be carried by her father. Thankfully, Ultraseven suddenly arrived, somehow alerted to the problem and picked let Mini Tortoise hang onto him. Ultraseven took Mini Tortoise into space, King Tortoise following behind. Once in space, the Ultras took the family somewhere they’d be able to live in peace for the rest of their days.

Queen Tortoise

Queen Tortoise was a peaceful kaiju who lived with her mate, King Tortoise on their home island. As her brood of eggs prepared to hatch, the female kaiju made her way ashore depths so she could lay her future children. However, a group of cruel, heartless poachers were on the island and as the peaceful monster finished her egg laying, attacked the still weak monster, firing a rocket into her neck. Queen Tortoise quickly covered her eggs and tried to return to the sea and safety, only for an electrified net to cover her. She called for her mate to come to her rescue but he soon suffered the same fate as her, barely escaping capture but sinking to the sea floor unconscious. The massive reptile could only watch in sorrow as her brood were kidnapped before her eyes. Then, later, she was forced to watch in horror as her eggs were eaten before her eyes. Her eyes red with rage, Queen Tortoise trashed, eager to avenge her slaughtered offspring, but ZAT, misunderstanding the situation and believing the Queen reptile to be the aggressor, fired on her. But fortunately, her mate arrived to free her from the net and let them leave into the sea. However, the duo of kaiju were not finished, they would have terrible vengeance for the sins mankind had afflicted upon them. Later that night, the twin turtle kaiju tracked down two of the poachers, crushing their car and chasing them. Later as one of the poachers ran from terror at one of the surviving eggs beginning to hatch, Queen Tortoise erupted from the ground, killing the man but also forcing Kotaro to transform into Taro. The hero soon flipped the monster over his shoulder, but she laid explosive orbs on his back as he did so, then after she’d been thrown to the ground, detonated them. Taro’s body was racked with explosions, forcing him to the ground. But he soon rose up and struck her with the Storium Ray, but while she was wounded, she wasn’t killed and called out to her mate. After he too was shot down, the two kaiju used their energy tornado attack to trap the Ultra. Taro was completely helpless before the attack, finally being thrown severely weakened to the ground and forced into retreat. ZAT tried their best but the twin kaiju were far too much for them, then they saw two of the poachers fleeing, using their tornados to suck the humans up to their doom. With those who wronged them dead, the two retrieved their eggs and began nesting again. ZAT, wanting to aid them, put their eggs in a huge basket to help them return their remaining offspring to their island home, soon leading them off in peace. Their eggs were soon returned home, much to the twin kaiju’s delight. While this should’ve been the end of the terrible event, the military chose to attack and kill the two kaiju, however, bombarding them with weapons. Queen Tortoise watched in horror as her eggs were destroyed, taking the last surviving one in her beak to protect it as the island sank with them. But nether kaiju were dead and were now infuriated once again. Queen Tortoise landed in Tokyo, tearing the city apart in her fury, and this time it was mankind as a whole that was the target of her fury. ZAT tried to stop her but she merely used her bombs to attack the city. Kotaro, seeing weapons were useless, transformed into Taro and attacked the monster, only to be blasted Taro with her beam bombs. But he managed to recover and strike her with his Strorium Ray. As she lay wounded, the egg she’d guarded fell from her mouth and hatched before her eyes. However, ZAT was ordered to kill the infant, but Taro stood to defend the newborn. But Queen Tortoise soon died from her wounds, but did live to see her final baby hatch. Taro took her body into space, luring King and Mini Tortoise behind him to a safe place amongst the stars.

Mini Tortoise

The only surviving offspring of King and Queen Tortoise, Mini Tortoise hatched after Taro defeated Queen Tortoise. But before the cruel military that had enraged the creature in the first place ordered ZAT to murder the tiny creature. But Taro wouldn’t allow another innocent life to fall, and nether would ZAT’s commander, calling off the attack. The small creature crawled to her mother, but she was already dead. Taro, feeling great guilt for the infant’s loss, reached for her, only for her to bite but she slowly understood. However, King Tortoise arrived, attacking Taro and allowing Mini Tortoise to climb on his back. King Tortoise soon grew Mini Tortoise to giant size and the two attacked Taro with a vengeance. Taro, realizing he’d taken an innocent life, refused to fight back, taking Queen Tortoises body and flew off with it to lure them away. Mini Tortoise tried to fly off with after him, but he was too young. But Ultraseven had been altered to the occurrence and came down, picking up Mini Tortoise and flying off with her. King Tortoise followed and were taken into space where they could live in peace without humans further assaulting the monster family.


A worm-like creature, the Dilemma Larva made a home at Kohtaroh’s girlfriends’ house. After their dog went missing and Kohtaroh found a melted box and burn trail, Z.A.T was called in. After investigating and leaving, the human host of Ultraman Taroh then found the creature. After crushing it didn’t work, he fired a laser beam at it. This only made the monster quickly grow into a kaiju-sized behemoth and begin to rampage!

After growing to kaiju proportions, the creature began to melt buildings with its mist! Kohtaroh, unable to transform with his girlfriend around, was forced to flee as Z.A.T attacked it from the sky. It smashed through the building Kohtaroh and his friend was at and grabbed the human form of the silver and red giant with its long tongue!

The pair managed to escape its grasp just as the human forces dropped fire bombs on it! It then created a new sort of mist that extinguished the flames and continued on its course of destruction! When it smashed through another building, the falling debris knocked out Kohtaroh’s girl friend and pinned him under rubble.

With no one around, the human called upon the giant yet again! Dilemma fired its acid mist once more, critically wounding the hero as it slowly ate through his body. Z.A.T was again ready to save the day as they dropped a blue powder on the giant, canceling out the acidic properties of Dilemma’s power.

Now able to stand up to the mist, Taroh had little problems. He tore off its antennas and blew its long tongue in half! As it cried in pain, he then delivered the killing blow with the Storium Ray, blowing the monster to bits.



An octopus-like kaiju that lurks off the coast of a small Japanese island, Tagarl suddenly emerged from the water while Z.A.T patrolled the area, looking for the wicked Ganza. When Tagarl arose, so did the massive crab Ganza and a battle was unavoidable! Despite having many tentacles, several of them were severed by his foe’s deadly claws. He fought back using his ink, but the crab thrust its claw into its huge eye, Tagarl was sent back into the depths in which it came from.


A beast of unknown origins, Tondaile took residence in the ground beneath a Japanese lake. It then made the wrong choice of eating a young child's father. The next day, a police officer and the young boy who had witnessed the attack called Z.A.T. The team went underground to find the creature, and that they did, along with dozens of the beast's orbs. They attacked the monster, but it let out with its flames and began to burrow to the surface.

Once breaking the soft soil, he was now standing in the vast lake. The monster headed toward shore with Z.A.T attacking it. The young boy tried to spear its foot, and that he did, but all he managed to do was make it madder. Kohtaroh rushed in and got the child to safety before throwing the same spear at Tondaile's eye. With quick speed, Tondaile captured Kohtaroh with an orb.

After just a few seconds of being trapped, Kohtaroh transformed himself into Ultraman Taroh. The creature sent a stream of its orbs at the red and silver giant, but Z.A.T blew them out of the sky before they hit. Ultraman Taroh and Tondaile soon vanished beneath the waters, and after the water stopped churning, the giant hero flew out and landed.

The massive lifeless body of Tondaile floated to the surface. Taroh didn't give it a chance to revive and fired the mighty Storium Ray, destroying the monster’s body and allowing the trapped people in its lair to be freed.


A new breed of ant, the Arindo Ants took up shelter in one of Tokyo’s buildings. Their nesting caused the structure to weaken until the point it collapsed. When seeking out a new home, two children managed to capture one of the creatures with hopes of showing it to the adults and warn them. Before they could, however, it escaped, leaving them without any evidence.

Z.A.T, however, decided to investigate. Just as they were, they found the swarm inside another building! Able to breathe fire, the ants forced the building to be evacuated and soon took off into the air, looking for yet another home. As they traveled, Z.A.T’s primary jet attacked it. The swarm quickly fell to the Earth, but die it did not! Instead it transformed itself into the mighty ant kaiju Arido!

Just as it looked as if the Arindo Ant swarm was defeated, it turned itself into the towering abomination known as Arindo! Spewing fire and acidic mist, its actions made Kohtaroh transform into Ultraman Taroh. Within an unprepared city, the hero had little time to waste and quickly went for the kill with the Storium Ray, but Arindo was much stronger than his previous opponents! It shrugged off the attack as if it were nothing! The hero went in close, hoping to pummel his foe into defeat, but when he grabbed its antenna, an electrical shock was surged through his giant body!

However, when Arindo tried to use his acid mist on the hero, Taroh formed an energy barrier and forced it back. This quickly made the ant-like monster lash out with flames, only to be put out by a stream of water fired from the guardian’s hands. Arindo was knocked down by the stream, and as he stood up, Ultraman Taroh’s body began to burn with fire-like energy! A wall of destructive force was unleashed on Arindo, and its body was quickly engulfed and destroyed by it!


A powerful, walrus-like monster of unknown origins, Depparas traveled beneath the ground in an underground tunnel system. It soon found its way out, however, and began to attack Japan’s city. When Z.A.T was called in, they unleashed all their firepower on the kaiju will no effect. They then managed to use massive mirrors to draw the creature back to the pit it came from and then fire all their weapons at it, successfully blowing it to bloody chunks!

Despite being blown to pieces, Depparas returned. Its body reformed and it attacked with a vengeance! Spewing fire now, it wouldn’t be fooled by the mirrors again as Z.A.T had learned. After the plan failed, they returned back to base where Depparas attacked. After being driven off, Depparas was confronted by Ultraman Taroh!

The walrus-like monster managed to impale his foe with one of its tusks, and yet Ultraman Taroh wouldn’t give. He beat the rampaging creature down and then unleashed the Storium Ray, once again blowing Depparas to pieces, but this time there would be no return.




Normally a peaceful creature living in the oceans off the coast of Japan, Shelltar was at bay eating fish like normal. That was until Z.A.T tried out a new missile in the water, right where Shelltar lived. Thinking the object was a massive fish, Shelltar caught it in his mouth, but it got caught between his teeth.

The creature bellowed in pain as he tried to remove it. Once that failed, the monster came on land, still trying to free it. Z.A.T was about to attack the creature until they saw what was stuck in his maw. They developed a new plan: help rid the creature of it. They used their massive jet and hook to grab on, but they accidentally grabbed one of its teeth. Kicking on the boosters of the jet, Z.A.T accidentally yanked one of its tooth out!. The beast bellowed in a mixture of pain and fury and attacked the humans below. Z.A.T attacked back, and Shelltar fled to the city where he was once more attacked. When everything else failed, Kohtaroh transformed himself into Ultraman Taroh.

The massive hero attacked the rampaging monster, but even his Storium Ray failed to destroy the creature. When Taroh managed to get Shelltar down, he wrapped several power lines around the creature’s maw. The beast howled in fury, but the electrical currents soon dissipated. Taroh eventually knocked the missile out of Shelltar's mouth with a kick to the back of the head, and as the missile flew back down, Z.A.T reactivated it and it flew forward, back into Shelltar's mouth. Before the creature could let out a cry, the missile detonated, showering the area with flaming pieces of Shelltar's flesh.


Emmargo is an ancient demon that was buried deep inside a mountain for centuries until a construction crew began rise the giant creature from its hibernation with their explosives, causing an earthquake. When ZAT came to investigate the quake, the owners of the land refused to stop construction, despite the possibility of a giant monster. After ZAT left, blasting continued, dislodging a statue of an ancient deity from the mountain that was keeping the demon warrior buried, which began sending psychic signals to children that had found it earlier to return it to the mountain. However, soon enough, the massive Emmargo fully awakened from its hibernation and went on a rampage throughout the construction site. ZAT received word and began their attack on the ancient sword-wielding monster. However, the group's weapons were powerless against the ancient demon's power. After destroying their fighters, the titan began destroying the surrounding forest while Kentaro and the children attempted to return the statue to the mountain in hopes of stopping the giant. Meanwhile, ZAT continued to fire everything they had into Emmargo but nothing worked. Finally, Kentaro summoned the mighty Ultraman Taro to duel the evil giant. However, he found the creature's shield too strong for even the Storium Ray to pierce and the Ultra warrior was kept on the defensive against Emmargo's sword. However, the statue used its powers to trick Emmargo into thinking he'd beheaded Taro, only for the monster itself to be beheaded. The monster refused to die completely but was left vulnerable, allowing Taro to fire the Storium Ray and kill the ancient terror once and for all.


First appearance:UT Episode 15



Kemujira were an ancient species of giant insects that served as a natural prey for the volcano bird kaiju Birdon. In the remote mountains of Japan, a long dormant volcano began springing to life, but that was the least of anyone’s problems, as several gigantic Kemujira eggs were launched from the caldera in the erupt, hatching from them the ancient insect monsters. The prehistoric creatures soon began to burrow into local watermelon crops and eat them hollow. Kotaro took one of the seemingly untouched fruits with him back to some of his friends, unknown to them carrying several of the ancient fiends with them. One of his young friends that was sleeping in the back of their car began to hear the prehistoric insect larva move inside. One of the boys cut the fruit open and a Kemujira larva leaped out of it. The boy quickly got a net and tried to capture the tiny larva but it kept avoiding him before finally spitting its blinding spray in his eyes. The mini monster tried to get at the boys two birds, only for his mother to enter and frighten it off. As ZAT arrived to investigate, the Kemujira larva watched them from the buildings. But by fate, the boy had gotten a recording of the creature and played it for them. As another eruption occurred, another of the ancient kaiju attacked scientists observing it, but soon the ancient predator of the Kemujira, the mighty Birdon, arrived, gobbling up the larva. However, many more of the tiny kaiju remained, but with their natural predator on the loose, it appeared that their days could be numbered. As Kotaro investigated the area with the rest of ZAT, a Kemujira tried to feed on a fruit basket he had left for his friend, but was shot and killed. However, moments later, a creature fully evolved Kemujira began attacking the city.

After a short period of time as larva, one of the Kemujira would survive and metamorphose into a Kemujira adult, attacking the city. He captured one of ZAT’s members with his webs, prompting Ultraman Taro to come to the rescue and save him, then battle the monster. Taro managed to throw him several times, getting his head stuck in a building. The kaiju then used a yellow smoke from his body to hide and let him regain his footing but Taro’s powers let him find him to continue the attack. However, the insect used his webs to lasso Taro and get him down, letting Kemujia pummel the Ultra with ease. A young boy wondered into the struggle, allowing Kemujira to pummel him then begin to choke him with his webs. But before Kemujira could finish the fight, Birdon arrived on the scene! Kemujira stood his ground, dragging his prey out of the way before preparing to attack Birdon. But Taro managed to free himself of the webbing and tried to utilize the Storium Ray on Kemujira, only for Birdon to ambush him from behind with his beak. While Birdon assaulted Taro, Kemujira decided to flee and live to fight another day. But after Birdon finished off Taro, he turned to face Kemujira. As the insect tried to defend himself with his yellow smoke, Birdon merely blew it away and proceeded to easily overpower him, finally delivering a flying stab to his chest and killing the insect before beginning to consume pieces of his corpse.


Flying Raidron

Flying through space with its child, Ridron soon came into view of the Earth. The child it was traveling with was attracted by a fireworks show in Japan. As the massive bird got closer for a better look, it was hit with one of the fire works, and crashed to the ground. Worried, the mother Ridron stayed above to keep an eye on the wounded baby. When Z.A.T began to attack the child, she sent lightning bolts down to the ground. Only when Ultraman Taroh healed the baby's wing and returned the child back to her did both gigantic space birds return to space.


Every seven years, cicada, a type of insect, comes up from out of the ground to breed. In Japan, they got more than just that. Arriving like its tiny brothers and sisters, King Zemira also awoken. His movements below the ground caused an entire town to sink down into the dirt. When Z.A.T arrived, they pulled up one of the buildings, resting under it was the massive insect. Instead of attacking it, they tried to capture it with a big net. The plan worked and the insect was trapped, but like all cicada, the insect makes an extremely annoying sound. This sound drove the city people nuts as it kept them from sleeping at nights. They soon arrived with torches and other burning materials. They tossed the burning objects at the creature, burning the net. The creature flew away, but covering the attackers in its webbing.

The massive insect flew around the city before landing on Tokyo Tower. The creature once again, began to screech. More angry citizens decided to attack it, but this time, King Zemira attacked back. Dislodging itself from the tower, it began to rain streams of fire onto the city. When Z.A.T attacked it in return, the creature became more antagonized and confused. Kohtaroh transformed himself into Ultraman Taroh, and began to do battle. The insect proved no push over though as it matched Taroh in hand to hand, and even kept him at bay with its flames. Eventually, Taroh ripped the long mouth off the insect. The creature fell to the ground, crying in pain. The giant hero felt sympathy for the insect, and instead of killing it, took into outer space where the bug could find a new home, and maybe re-grow its mouth.




Space Moths

Space Moths were creatures that were imprisoned within the same meteor as Mururoa and accompanied the space kaiju. They first appeared swarming a passenger jet, distracting the pilots long enough for Mururoa to knock the craft from the skies with his acidic spray, another being discovered by Kotaro when he investigated. Later, as the Kotaro searched for a friend of his with some kids, they were attacked by the swarming creatures, which soon descended on nearby factory, their master with them. However, as they rampaged, the sun rose, attracting the Space Moths away from Mururoa. But after Mururoa covered the world in darkness, the Space Moths returned to attack, soon being attacked themselves by ZAT. Soon, however, their master Mururoa appeared to fight back. As ZAT was swarmed by Space Moths and forced into the retreat by Mururoa. As two boys walked home, the moths swarmed a trucks headlights in the darkness, causing it to crash into them. It was then ZAT discovered the Moths were attracted to lights of all kinds, preventing them from attacking in vast numbers as normally. But then, Mururoa and the Space Moths attacked again. Soon, the Ultra Brothers arrived with the Ultra Bell, clearing away the vile darkness, causing the Space Moths to be lured away. After Mururoa was killed, the Space Moths disappeared for good as well.


When an Earth rocket was launched into space and destroyed an asteroid, it had a terrible consequence, freeing the horrible space monster Mururoa, a creature of such terrible power that his arrival could spell the end of the planet Earth, from his prison. Mururoa soon descended to Earth and with the Space Moths assaulted a passenger plane, Mururoa taking sadistic pleasure in destroying it with his acidic spray. Mururoa and his swarm soon attacked a industrial area with his acid spray, melting everything in sight with the spray. The sun soon rose, driving him into a rampage as his moths left. ZAT soon attacked the space kaiju, but his acid down them in seconds. Kotaro had only one option, summon Ultraman Taro, first to save one of the ZAT members’ falling planes but Mururoa attacked the hero, proving resistant to most of Taro’s blows but was gradually beginning to be overpowered. Realizing his advantage was lost, he unleashed his black spoke and acid mist, blinding and badly wounding the hero. He pressed his advantage, pummeling the hero severely and throwing him around like a rag doll. Taro was slammed to the ground and wounded so badly he had to retreat. Unopposed, Mururoa released his smoke, blocking out the sun over the entire world in seconds! It was the middle of the day, and yet black as night, it could very well be the end of the world. But the Mother of Ultra had a plan, soon summoning Taro back to the Land of Light to retrieve the only item which could clear the space monsters smoke, the Ultra Bell. As ZAT fought his Space Moths, Mururoa appeared himself to fight back as the moths blinded their fighters and made their fighting difficult. Mururoa soon unleashed his acid on the surrounding area, melting buildings to nothing before retreating into the smoke. With Ultraman Taro nowhere to be found and their own weapons powerless before the space monster, it appeared Earth was doomed! Soon Mururoa attacked once more, but as ZAT attacked the doomsday kaiju, a member of their own landing on his head and planting a device on him. But before an attack could be made, Taro and the Ultra Brothers arrived, pulling the Ultra Bell with them. The legendary device’s tolling cleared away Mururoa’s darkness in an instant! Taro then arrived himself, launching a vicious assault on the terrible creature and pummeling him with blows and throws. He finally tossed the space monster high into the air were the bomb planted by ZAT exploded, destroying Mururoa for good and allowing the Ultra Bell to be returned to the Land of Light.


Ultraman Taro's pet who greeted his master as he returned to retrieve the Ultra Bell to free the world from Mururoa’s darkness. The tiny creature followed Taro to the Ultra Tower, were he left the Ultra to his quest.


Mandarin Flower

Created by a different Mephilas Seijin than the one from Ultraman's time the Mandarin Flower was used for world domination by wiping out the human race. Mandarin Flower was hidden in a soda vending machine and stung people that reached their hands in to get it, killing them quickly. For a few days no one was sure what the cause was until the alien biological weapon grew to great sizes. ZAT was quick to arrive on the scene and assaulted Mandarin Flower. Not long into combat Mandarin Flower made sure that ZAT could not take any samples of it and exploded, making Mephilas show himself.

Alien Mephilas 2

Eleking 2

Giant Yapool 2

Advanced Bemstar

Sabotendar 2

The second kaiju used by the Giant Yapool, Sabotendar promptly arrived just as Kohtaroh transformed into Ultraman Taroh. The cactus-like kaiju proved no match for the giant as he was thrown around like a rag doll by the red and silver hero's kicks and punches. Having enough of the battle, Taroh used the Storium Ray on Sabotendar, reducing him to a dead carcass.

Verokron III

With Advanced Bemstar and Sabotendar being knocked around by Ultraman Taro Giant Yapool sent his only third generation chouju Verokron to do battle. Verokron was weaker than the first two and before he could assist his comrades ZAT concentrated on him before returning to assist Taro. Verokron tried his hardest, but the assaults were too great for him to handle and was soon dead with his comrades joining him shortly after.



Alien Temperor

Alien Katan


An alien invader from an extremely cold world, like others before him, Grost came to Earth to take over. He quickly made a home base out of a construction area and took control of the workers. When a small child discovered the being and his captured slaves, they tried to stop the child, but he eventually escaped and sent out the word of the invasion. Luckily for the invader, no one believed the words of the child, not even Z.A.T. The child came back the next day, but now equipped to stop the invasion scheme.

Armed with hot items such as coals and even a burning red stick, he quickly made the enslaved people flee. Once in the heart of the building, the child was surrounded. On cue, Z.A.T had decided to investigate the story, and found the child trying to fend off the alien's slaves. Once the fight got out of hand, Grost leaped out of the building, his towering form standing above the city. Kohtaroh didn't hesitate and transformed himself into Ultraman Taroh, and the battle quickly began.

The alien's ice mist began to spread around the area, turning buildings to ice and freezing an entire lake! The hero fell, his timer flashing and beeping. Z.A.T's support quickly came as they fired beams of burning energy onto the monsters back, melting the spikes the protruded. The alien turned and shrieked as his ice mist forced the pilots to jump out with parachutes and the planes crash on the ground. This gave Taroh enough time to use the bracelet given to him by the Ultra Mother. The bracelet melted the ice covering the battle field, and Taroh regained his strength. The being of power downed the invader with a fury of kicks and punches before using another one of his attacks to cause the being to explode into thousands of pieces.


Alien Medusa

Alien Miracle

Christmas was upon the Earth, a time of joy for the people, even when they were in the middle of another age of monsters. Alien Miracle was a kind and caring alien that lived on Earth in human form. One day, he came across a girl who’d lost her family during the fight between Taro and Queen Tortoise, setting about trying to cheer her up, doing so and leaving her with his crystal ball. As the girl showed Kentaro what happened, she saw the kindhearted be attacked and seemingly killed by Alien Terrorist. However, the orb flashed, signaling the girl to use it as a weapon against Terrorist. She threw it into the alien terror, the resulting explosion leaving Terrorist dead, then frozen into a block of ice. Taro used the Double Energy Stream to blow the alien up, creating a snowfall, avenging the death of the kind alien and giving Tokyo a white Christmas.

Alien Terrorist

Terrorist was an evil and cruel alien. As Kentaro was shown how a girl he met was given a crystal ball by Alien Miracle, they both witnessed Alien Terrorist attack and kill Miracle with his sword, seeking Miracle‘s crystal ball. Moments later, Terrorist appeared and began destroying the city, searching for Miracle’s crystal ball. He spotted the girl now in possession of it, trying to kill her to gain it. When he lost track of her, he began destroying everything around him as well. Kentaro tried to stop him but when his gun failed, he called Taro into the fray. Taro quickly began battling the alien and overpowering him as ZAT showed up to aid the hero. Try as he might, it seemed as though Terrorist couldn’t win until he discovered a natural gas plant behind him. Shielding it with his body, he suffered several hard hits from Terrorist’s attacks. With Taro down, Terrorist turned back to the plant, prepared to destroy it but Taro kept rising up to try and stop the alien, but was already badly wounded. However, the girl threw the crystal ball into Terrorist, exploding with enough force to fatally wound the alien. Terrorist staggered and finally fell dead, freezing solid. Taro then picked up the monster’s body and through him into the air, destroying him with the Twin Energy Streams, his body exploding into snow.


In Japan, it was a time of celebration known as “Mochi-Day.” A holiday where everyone is happy to be alive and everyone eats rice cake. Kotaro decided to get in on the fun and make rice cakes along with the townsfolk of a nearby village. However, the day soon shifted into chaos, as Mochiron appeared from the moon being carried by a gigantic blimp. As soon as the awkward-looking monster landed, it snatched up as many buckets full of rice cake and he ate them all up. The voracious monster then flew away and landed in another village that was celebrating the holiday only to eat up their cake as well. As so this continued on and on throughout the day with Mochiron constantly eating all the cake. ZAT however would stand for this and so they attacked the monster with missiles, only to anger the monster into landing and setting villages ablaze with his flames and his rolling ability. The monster’s rampage eventually continued on into the night and everyone was in lament as it seemed Mochi-Day was now ruined. At that moment, Kotaro was then greeted by Minami Yoko, the former female host of Ultraman Ace! She and Kotaro soon confronted the monster demanding to know why it’s attacking on the holiday. However the monster stated that he would leave and thus attacked Kotaro, Luckily, Kotaro was able to transform into Ultraman Taro and thus the two fought while Minami watched on. Although despite using his flames, Ultraman Taro was able to beat down Mochiron, but he didn’t kill him. Someone was calling to hm and it was none other than the Father of Ultra himself. Ultra Father broke up the battle between Taro and Mochiron and demanded Mochiron’s reasons for attacking. Mochiron finally admitted that he only came for the rice cakes that were being made for Mochi-Day. As a result, Ultraman Taro created a giant butter churn and a hammer to create the rice cakes and even Minami joined him, ballooning into a giantess form and joining him in cakes. The next day, the holiday was restarted and re-celebrated due to Mochiron’s attack. Finally before the celebration could begin, Mochiron, stuffed from the Rice Cakes he ate last night was being carried away into the sky by Ultra Father and Minami and into space so that way the festival could resume in peace.



Android Seiko



Late one night, a strange object fell from the sky, a large egg. A young boy happened to find it as it fell and soon, it hatched into a tiny reptilian creature before his eyes by the name of Mottkurreron. It seemed friendly enough, so he chose to keep it as a pet, feeding it. However, he didn't know how fast or large it would become. Mottkurreron soon grew too large for the boy to keep in his house, so he relocated the seemingly docile creature to a cave and continued feeding it, growing quite fond of it, as did Mottkurreron to him, but soon that would change when the growing monster grew into his towering adult form. Now fully grown to kaiju size, Mottkurreron destroyed a truck in the middle of the night to feed on the food it was transporting. When the boy returned the next day, he discovered the now massive Mottkurreron, who when it realized the boy had not brought food, became aggressive, seemingly trying to kill him. Soon, Mottkurreron wondered into town, destroying power lines and attracting the attention of ZAT, who attacked the space monster. Mottkurreron was only further enraged and returned defended himself, managing to down one of their jets by obscuring their vision with his green spray. The boy and his father, believing Mottkurreron to be an evil monster, set a trap with food from a shop and attempted to drive spears into it, only to be eaten by the monster. This prompted Kotaro to call upon the might of Ultraman Taro, who swiftly forced the beast to spit out the humans and battled it. Taro seemed to have an upperhand until being struck by the creature's green spray, which weakened him and allowed Mottkurreron to knock him to the ground. However, instead of pressing its advantage, Mottkurreron returned to eating the food that had been used to trap it. Seeing the creature was only hungry and too large to find enough food, Taro rose to his feet and threw Mottkurreron into a giant vat and proceeded to force down on it, squeezing massive amounts of green fluid from the space monster till it had shrunk down to human size. The boy, now understanding Mottkurreron meant no harm, gave it sacks of food. Now docile and harmless once more, Taro allowed Mottkurreron to leave and tossed it into the air, where it flew off back into space from where it came.

Oni Lady


Alien Kisaragi


Alien Dorzu


Gorgosaurus III


Alien "Space Boys"



Alien Kaan




Approaching the earth with evil intent, Dorobon was first encountered by Ultraman Jack who fought against the invader in Outer Space. Dorobon won however, beating Jack mercilessly with his club before fleeing to Earth. Upon landing on Earth, Dorobon called out to Ultraman Taro to come out and face him only to receive no response. Angered by this, Dorobon created a Windstorm with his club and destroyed several building all through the night and into the morning, trying to provoke Taro into coming out and facing him only to be met with the same empty response. Finally, ZAT showed up and attacked Dorobon while he was attacking a Train yard. Dorobon managed to down all the members of ZAT’s planes and suddenly in the middle of the battle, the Captain of ZAT flew directly into Dorobon’s Lantern, trapping him inside as Dorobon’s prisoner! Kotaro tried to divert the monster away from the rest of ZAT only to have the monster chase after him and crush him inside the vehicle he was driving in! Luckily, Kotaro was able to transform into Ultraman Taro to face off against the monster, however he was in a real pinch that left him helpless. Dorobon threatened to kill the Captain of ZAT unless Ultraman Taro handed over his color timer in exchange for the captain. Refusing the offer, Taro tried to fight back, but Dorobon’s club was more than a match for Taro to face. Finally after getting beaten down by Dorobon and with the Captain’s life at stake, Ultraman Taro had no other choice by to flee and recuperate while Dorobon resumed his rampaged with the captain still as his hostage. Back in human form, Kotaro noticed someone familiar… It was Goh Hideki! The human host of Ultraman Jack! Goh told Kotaro of his previous encounter with Dorobon and also knew of Dorobon’s demands and so, knowing that it’s Taro time to protect Earth, Goh transformed into Ultraman Jack and nobly offered Dorobon’s trade of his color timer for the ZAT Captain. Finally once Jack received the captain, Dorobon tore off Jack color timer and stuck it to his own chest while Jack‘s body deflated like a balloon! Infuriated by Jack’s sacrifice and over his inability to defeat Dorobon, Kotaro transformed back into Ultraman Taro and went full out against Dorobon, However, thanks to Jack’s color timer enhancing Dorobon’s physical ability and with his club still in hand, Dorobon was still more than a match for Taro to handle. Suddenly the color timer on Dorobon’s chest was starting to blink and Dorobon became paralyzed and weak! Dorobon had made a foolish mistake not understanding why Taro had to leave the first time, much like the Ultramen having the same flaw with their color timers, Dorobon’s strength was leaving him rapidly. This made him wide open for Taro to beat down Dorobon and steal Jack’s color timer back! Taro return Jack’s color timer to his chest and Ultraman Jack, still weak was alive again. Dorobon, still weakened by his mistake wasn‘t finished yet and tried to fight back, but was finally killed by the Captain of ZAT.


A natural creature from the ocean Samekujira remained in deep waters until a tanker got its attention for entering his territory. A day later Samekujira was somehow lead to Japan and arose from Tokyo Bay. ZAT and Ultraman Taroh soon came to the scene, but they were also met with a fisherman from outer space named Valkie Seijin. Valkie got in the way of Taroh as Samekujira was gliding to impale his head blade into his enemies, but the Ultra soon managed to chase the alien off and destroyed Samekujira with the Stormium Beam. The destruction of Samekujira also brought an end to the third age of monsters and with Valkie's appearance started the third age of aliens.

Alien Valkie

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