Novus International

Novus International
Novus International, Inc.
Founded St. Louis, Missouri (1991)
Headquarters St. Charles, Missouri, USA

Novus International, Inc., headquartered in metro St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A., is an animal health and nutrition company[1]. It serves customers ranging from animal nutritionists at large companies like Tyson Foods and Cargill, to veterinarians, to individual animal owners [2]. Novus is privately owned by Mitsui & Co. (U.S.A.), and Nippon Soda Co., Ltd. and operates in over 90 countries [1]. Novus's products include amino acids, organic trace minerals, feed preservatives, and various nutrition and health products [2].



Early 1950’sMonsanto begins metabolism studies and the development of methionine hydroxy analogue (MHA feed supplement) production begins at Monsanto’s Everett, Massachusetts location.
1954 – MHA project moves to Monsanto’s St. Louis research center and gets additional support.
1959 – SANTOQUIN is the first feed additive approved by the FDA.
1979 – ALIMET introduced [2]. First sale of ALIMET feed supplement to ConAgra Foods in El Dorado, Arkansas.
1991Mitsui & Co. and Nippon Soda acquire Monsanto’s MHA and ALIMET businesses and form Novus International, Inc.[2][3][4]
1992 – Novus enters into contractual joint venture with Monsanto for SANTOQUIN feed preservative.
1993 – Novus Research Center completed and occupied at Missouri Research Park in St. Charles, Missouri. Novus begins managing customer inventories and automated order for bulk ALIMET and SANTOQUIN customers.
1996 – Novus launches ALIMET for dairy [2].
2003 – Novus completes purchase of SANTOQUIN and AGRADO from Solutia. Novus launches aquaculture business.
2007 –Novus hosts the first Sustainability Round-table discussion in St. Louis, Missouri. Arenus, a division of Novus Nutrition Brands, LLC (a Novus International Company) is formed. Arenus is dedicated to producing equine nutrition products as well as nutrition products for the canine market. Novus signs an exclusive worldwide agreement with Martek Biosciences Corporation to market and distribute Martek’s DHA Gold in all poultry and swine feed and enrichment applications.
2008 – Novus completes global headquarters in Missouri Research Park, St. Charles, Missouri.

Culture of Sustainability

The global headquarters for Novus International in St. Louis is Platinum LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified, which is the highest designation that is offered by the United States Green Building Council [1][5]. Platinum certification is available to buildings that demonstrate energy efficiency and sustainability [4][5][6].SEQUENT feed supplement


This is a comprehensive list of products offered by Novus International, Inc. The company operates in several industries which include: poultry, pork, dairy, beef, aquaculture, and companion animal[7]. Many of the products listed below may be found in more than one industry.

ACIDOMIX preservative pre-mix
ACTIVATE nutritional feed acid
ADESTA biodiesel stabilizer
ADVENT coccidiosis control
AGRADO feed ingredient
AIMS automated supply chain management system
ALIMET feed supplement

ASSURE equine digestive aid
ASSURE PLUS equine digestive aid
ASSURE SYSTEM equine digestive aid
CIBENZA feed additive
DHA Gold
FEEDGUARD feed preservative
GLYTREX organic trace mineral
GST technology
IDEA assay
MET-PLUS feed supplement
MFP feed supplement
MHA feed supplement
MINTREX organic trace mineral
NATUGUARD feed preservative
NUTRI-CHLOR anionic feed supplement
OASIS hatchling supplement
PRO-STABIL preservative pre-mixture
QUINGUARD feed preservative
SANTOQUIN feed preservative
SOLIS anti-caking agent
STEADFAST dietary supplement
SUR.FACE preservative premixture
SYSTEM 2000 liquid system
SYSTEM 2500 liquid system
TELAFIRM advanced micronutrient system
TRIDENT marine antifoulant
VANGUARD NUO WEI BAO blended antioxidant
ZORIEN yeast feed additive

Scholarship Programs

Novus operates globally and awards several scholarships to support the research and work of graduate students in the agricultural industry[8].There are currently programs operating throughout the United States, as well as in China, India, and Thailand. One program is the Novus Graduate Scholarship (NGS)[8]. As part of the NGS program, students receive an invitation to spend two months studying in the St. Louis, Missouri-based research center where they get hands-on experience that they can apply back in their home countries[8][9].

The goals for the Novus Scholars Program include encouraging students in animal agriculture to develop strong research programs and gain an international perspective on agriculture, building relationships with professors and students who will be future leaders in agriculture and establishing a technical collaboration network to help develop solutions relevant to Novus customers in diverse regions of the world. The Novus Scholars Program currently partners with Universities and Organizations in China, India, Korea, Vietnam, Brazil, Canada, Kenya and the USA . For more about the Novus Scholars Program, please visit:

Key people

Thad Simons – President and CEO
Giovanni Gasperoni – Executive Vice President, Marketing and Sales


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