Beta Arietis

Beta Arietis

Starbox begin
name=Beta Arietis
Starbox image

caption = Beta Arietis
Starbox observe
ra=01h 54m 38.4s
dec=+20° 48′ 29″
Starbox character
r-i = -0.02
v-r =
Starbox astrometry
Starbox detail
rotation=79 km/s
0,003689549665744 Year
Starbox visbin
name=Beta Arietis B
axis=0.0361 ± 0.0003
eccentricity=0.903 ± 0.012 °
inclination= 44.7 ± 1.3
node=79.1 ± 0.8
periastron=209.1 ± 1.2 °
Starbox catalog
names=Sheratan, Sharatan, Al Sharatain, 6 Arietis, Gl 80, HR 553, BD +20°306, HD 11636, GCTP 394.00, SAO 75012, FK5 66, GC 2309, CCDM 01546+2048, HIP 8903.
Starbox reference
ARICNS = 00161

Beta Arietis (β Ari / β Arietis) is a star in the constellation Aries, it is the Ram's second horn. It also has the traditional name Sharatan (or Sheratan or Sheratim), and the Flamsteed designation 6 Arietis.

"Al Sharatan" means "the two signs", a reference to the star having marked the vernal equinox together with its binary partner Gamma Arietis several thousand years ago.

It has an observed visual magnitude of +2.66. Its MK spectral type is A5V (white main sequence star). It is 59.6 light years from Earth.

This star is a spectroscopic binary. The companion orbits every 107 days with an unusually large eccentricity of 0.88. Based on the estimated mass of the companion, it is likely a G-class star.


* [ GJ 80] Catalog
* [*+ZI+++101&submit=Aladin+previewer Image Beta Arietis]

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