Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy

Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy
Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy  
Abbreviated title (ISO) 'AEPP'
Discipline Agricultural economics
Language English
Publication details
Publisher Oxford University Press
Publication history 1979–present
Frequency 4 issues per year
ISSN 1058-7195

Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy (AEPP) is a peer-reviewed journal of applied economics and policy. Published four times per year, it is the one of two journals published by the Agricultural & Applied Economics Association (AAEA), along with the American Journal of Agricultural Economics (AJAE).

The purpose of AEPP is to analyze areas of current applied economic research in an effort to inform the policy-makers and decision makers; and to generate connections between sub-fields of agricultural and applied economics in order to focus future research and increase knowledge of those in the field about the impact of public policy.[1]



Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy was first published by the North Central Committee (NCA-12), a group of department heads of agricultural economics at the land grant universities of thirteen states under the name North Central Journal of Agricultural Economics from 1979-1990. In 1991, the name was changed to the Review of Agricultural Economics to appeal to a wider audience.

AAEA, in collaboration with the Northeastern Agricultural and Resource Economics Association, the Southern Agricultural Economics Association, and the Western Agricultural Economics Association, agreed to take over the journal in 1996, as NCA-12 was dissolving. The first issue published by AAEA was Vol 19, No. 1, published in the Spring/Summer 1997.

In 2009, it was announced that RAE would change its name to Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy (AEPP), effective with the first issue of 2010.[2] In addition to changing the name, the focus of the journal changed as well.


The current editors of the AEPP are John Beghin of Iowa State University, Tomislav Vukina of North Carolina State University, and Ian Sheldon of The Ohio State University.[3]


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