Nora Ahlberg

Nora Ahlberg

Nora Louise Ahlberg (born 1952) is a Norwegian professor (1995-) and research director with her background from several Nordic basic and more applied research units.[1] By education she is a clinical psychologist and historian of religion with her specialisation in anthropology. She also studied psychiatry and sociology. Moreover, she is educated in arts from Fria Målarskolan (1972–1975) in Helsinki and was, due to her exhibited works, invited as a member of the Association of Norwegian Painters (Landsforeningen for Norske Malere) in 1978.



Ahlberg is presently attached to the universities of Oslo (1978-) and Helsinki (1991-), and has headed the Norwegian Centre for Minority Research (NAKMI) since its foundation in 2003. Before that she was director of the Psychosocial Centre for Refugees in Oslo and also professor/head of department at the universities of Tromsø (1995–96), Trondheim (NTNU, 1996–2003) and Oslo University College (2003–2004), besides two periods of research leave at the University of Oxford. She has experience from the Humanities and Social Sciences as well as the Medical faculties, as head of several interdisciplinary research umbrellas and has taken part in research planning within the Nordic and European setting, including appointments of several professorships across traditional subject boundaries.

Moreover, she has been active in disseminating minority research to administrative, health- and social subject professionals. Ahlberg is a member of the editorial board of the International Journal of Migration, Health and Social Care and editor of the Norwegian Journal for Migration Research (Norsk Tidsskrift for Migrasjonsforskning).


Ahlberg was born in Helsinki as the daughter of kommerseråd Hugo Wilhelm Ahlberg and Helene Hinnerichsen. In 1978 she moved to Oslo, where she married professor Svein Bjerke and got two children Ernst Hugo (1982) and Mildrid (1986).

Selected publications

  • The award winning doctoral dissertation New Challenges - Old Strategies. Themes of variation and conflict among Pakistani Muslims in Norway (1990) was popularised in a Norwegian television programme.
  • Ahlberg N. Muslim clients in Health Care and in the Social Services in Scandinavia. Intercultural Relations and Religious Authorities: Muslims in the European Union (eds) van Koningsveld PS & Shadid WA. Leuven 2002: Peeters, 67-86.
  • Ahlberg N. Women, Gender and Mental Health: Western Europe. Encyclopedia of Women and Islamic Cultures. Leiden (The Netherlands): Brill Publishers vol 3, 2003.
  • Hammad R Syed, Dalgard OS, Akthar H, Dalen I & Ahlberg N. Inequalities of Health: A comparative study of self-reported health between ethnic Norwegians and Pakistanis in Oslo. International Journal for Equity in Health 2006, 1475-9276-5-7.
  • Hammad R Syed, Dalgard OS, Dalen I, Akthar H, Claussen B, Selmer R & Ahlberg N. Psychosocial factors and distress: a comparison between ethnic Norwegians and ethnic Pakistanis in Oslo. BMC Public Health 2006, 6:182 doi:10.1186/1471-2458-6-182.
  • Ahlberg N. No Five Fingers are Alike. What Kurdish Female Refugees told me in a Therapeutic Setting. Solum forlag 2000; Second ed.: Karnac [Tavistock-series] 2007.


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