New Ways of Analyzing Variation

New Ways of Analyzing Variation

New Ways of Analyzing Variation (NWAV) is an annual academic conference in sociolinguistics. NWAV attracts researchers and students conducting linguistic scientific investigations into the interrelationship between language and society, including how patterns of language variation are shaped by and continually shape societal institutions, social and interpersonal relationships, and individual and group identities. In 2011, the 40th New Ways of Analyzing Variation (NWAV 40) conference celebrated the special anniversary at its birthplace, Georgetown University. NWAV 41 will take place at Indiana University, Bloomington on October 25-28th, 2012.


Future conferences

Year Title Host
2012 NWAV 41 Indiana University, Bloomington
2013 NWAV 42 University of Pittsburgh
2014 NWAV 43 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
2015 NWAV 44 University of Toronto

Past conferences

Year Title Host
2011 NWAV 40 Georgetown University
2010 NWAV 39 University of Texas, San Antonio
2009 NWAV 38 University of Ottawa
2008 NWAV 37 Rice University
2007 NWAV 36 University of Pennsylvania
2006 NWAV 35 Ohio State University
2005 NWAV 34 New York University
2004 NWAV 33 University of Michigan
2003 NWAV 32 University of Pennsylvania
2002 NWAV 31 Stanford University
2001 NWAV 30 North Carolina State University
2000 NWAV 29 Michigan State University
1999 NWAV 28 University of Toronto
1998 NWAV 27 University of Georgia
1997 NWAV 26 Laval University
1996 NWAV 25 University of Nevada, Las Vegas
1995 NWAV 24 University of Pennsylvania
1994 NWAV 23 Stanford University
1993 NWAV 22 University of Ottawa
1992 NWAV 21 University of Michigan
1991 NWAV 20 Georgetown University
1990 NWAV 19 University of Pennsylvania
1989 NWAV 18 Duke University
1988 NWAV 17 University of Montreal
1987 NWAV 16 University of Texas, Austin
1986 NWAV 15 Stanford University
1985 NWAV 14 Georgetown University
1984 NWAV 13 University of Pennsylvania
1983 NWAVE 12 University of Montreal
1982 NWAVE 11 Georgetown University
1981 NWAVE X University of Pennsylvania
1980 NWAVE IX University of Michigan
1979 NWAVE VIII University of Quebec, Montreal
1978 NWAVE VII Georgetown University
1977 NWAVE VI Georgetown University
1976 NWAVE V Georgetown University
1975 NWAVE IV Georgetown University
1974 NWAVE III Georgetown University
1973 NWAVE II Georgetown University
1972 NWAVE I Georgetown University


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